Mamas, Don’t Let Your Theybies Grow Up To Be Cowqueers

In the tiny sheltered pampered enclaves of coastal American cities, some parents are refus...


Being Who You Really Are Shouldn’t Be This Difficult

Of all the things I write and amid the vast expanse of radioactive topics I cover without ...


Illustration from Paradise Lost

Transgenderism Is an Intellectual Disease

Far more than any other animal, the human being is able to gain some control over nature. ...


That’s Problematic? Not My Problem

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Danica Roem

Where Are All the Tranny Dudes In Politics?

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Margaret Osborne duPont

The Gender Racket

One of my many regrets is that when I was young and on the tennis circuit, I played as a m...


Resisting the Tranny State

Trannies remind me of libertarians. To be more precise, the thing I find most objectionabl...


Stealing Gender From a Baby

A Canadian child born last November is thought to be the first person in the world issued ...


John McEnroe

Ending Gender Discrimination in Professional Sports

The current year is 2017, people, so why are we still segregating male and female athletes...