Oh Canada!

Montreal, Canada

We Need to Talk About Quebec

Americans left and right are, understandably, only interested in "€œCanadian initiatives...


Ah, Merde, Canada Again

Back in April, former Canadian Supreme Court justice Louise Arbour mocked Mark Steyn and N...


Meet Prime Minister Zoolander

Conservative Party of Canada - 44.6% Liberal Party of Canada - 32.7% New Democratic Party ...


Quebec, Canada

Loonie Land

What if you got arrested for violating a restraining order taken out in 1989 against someb...

Oh Canada!

The Adultery Suicides

Remember the good old days when people used to kill themselves? Maybe I"€™ve seen too m...

Oh Canada!

The Gayest Gay Sweater of All

The stink of bullshittery clinging to the so-called "€œgay sweater"€ first enters the...


National War Memorial, Ottawa

Canada on its Knees

I"€™m in Toronto right now guest-hosting a show on Sun News called Straight Talk. Thank ...


The Moron Mandate

Americans believe a lot of silly things about their northern neighbor, Canada. Being endow...

Oh Canada!

Silly’s Punctured Romance

One of my earliest articles for Taki‘s was called “The Week in Canadian Sex Ne...


George Smitherman

The Man Who Almost Became Toronto’s Crazy Mayor

George Smitherman is supposed to be the mayor of Toronto. During the 2010 election, the f...


Rob Ford

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Mayor

Politicians and drugs: Is there ever a more brilliant combination? Toronto Mayor Rob For...

Oh Canada!

David Gilmour

Canada’s Least Lovable Writer

What a delight to witness a sudden downpour of condemnation upon the head of David Gilmour...

Oh Canada!

When Educators Wind Up Incarcerated

You"€™ll notice pretty quickly if you tune in to underclass sideshows such as Judge Judy...


Pierre, Justin, Michel and Sacha Trudeau

Canada’s Hair Apparent

At the height of its power"€”it was called “Canada’s natural governing party...