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Hunter S. Thompson

Why It Was So Easy to Nuke the White House Media Stuffed-Shirt Dinner

NEW YORK—Leave it to a bunch of self-important self-righteous self-serious journalists t...

Joe Bob's America

Yo! Gwyneth! Shut Up!

NEW YORK—Several hundred emails pour in each week asking me about the Joe Bob Wellness R...

Joe Bob's America

Scott Pruitt

Reviewing the Plots Against the Clean Water/Clean Air Guy

NEW YORK—At first I was just like everyone else. Why would Scott Pruitt, the head of the...

Joe Bob's America

San Francisco Hugs a Possum

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.—Just when those New Zealand possum jackets started to take off, San F...

Joe Bob's America

I’m a Terrible Person

STAUNTON, Va.—I just recently realized that I’m a miserable selfish tone-deaf insensit...


Just How Naive Is Robert Mueller?

NEW YORK—I’ve been reading this indictment of the thirteen people who supposedly disru...

Joe Bob's America

Invasion of the Anti-Tourists

NEW YORK—A stroll down Bleecker Street, once a haven for bars, nightclubs, Off Broadway ...

Joe Bob's America

Smoking, Toking and Midnight Joking

NEW YORK—Now that we have all these legal weed growers, plus all these legal middlemen m...

Joe Bob's America

Spiritual But Not Religious, Just Inane

NEW YORK—“I’m spiritual but not religious.” WTF. Why do people say this? Yes, we k...

Joe Bob's America

Joseph Wapner

When Did Real Courts Become TV Courts?

NEW YORK—If anybody in the reality TV world remembers Judge Wapner, the original host of...

Joe Bob's America

Making My Peace With Billy Graham

NEW YORK—Back in the bad old days of the cocaine epidemic, there was a sheriff in Jasper...

Joe Bob's America

Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas and the Party House

NEW YORK—I think Clarence Thomas made the right decision in the Wild Party House Case be...

Joe Bob's America

A World of Hurt in the Boardroom

NEW YORK—Apparently a whole bunch of CEOs and public officials and celebrities and high ...

Joe Bob's America

James Dean in Giant

Explicating the Bible of Texas

DALLAS—My buddy Don Graham just finished a book on the State Bible of Texas. I speak, of...