Brian Wilson

Life of Brian

Love & Mercy is a superb new biopic about head Beach Boy Brian Wilson's creative summi...


Charlize Theron in Fury Road

Fury Road at the Box Office

The four Mad Max movies are nominally post-apocalyptic, although their explanations for th...


Battle of Wounded Egos

"€œBlazing Saddles could never get made today."€ We all know how virulent political ...


Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles

Hollywood Plays with Fire

In July of 1870, King Wilhelm sent Foreign Minister Bismarck an account of his meeting wit...


Pirate Baywatch

Last week, we learned Sony Pictures had been hacked and millions of people were downloadin...


Bill Cosby

America’s Rapist Dad

Bill Cosby is the first black person that I ever remember my family liking. Then again, it...


Interstellar Stoic

With the exception of the teeming masses of Philip K. Dick adaptations, science fiction ...


Rose McGowan

Someone’s Over the Rainbow

Which one is Rose McGowan again? It's a complaint as old as Sunset Boulevard: "€œWe had...


Rosamund Pike

Gone Girl: The Last Villainess?

The denunciations of the hit mystery movie Gone Girl by feminists for daring to feature (s...


Gabrielle Union

The Most Sensible Guy in the Room

Irving Kristol (sort of) said, "€œA conservative is a liberal who's been mugged,"€ a ...


The Birth of a Nation

Defending Film

This was a bad summer for movies at the American box office, with total gross down 22 perc...


James Brown

Get On Up: Godfather of Subtitles

August has been turning into Black Movie Month. This year, Tate Taylor, the white guy from...


Every Ape for Himself

The usual complaint of critics about sequels is that they are intellectually unchallenging...


Russell Crowe

No Room on the Ark

Darren Aronofsky's Noah accomplishes what any great myth should: it communicates moral tru...