Deep Thoughts

Color Me Raped

When I was a child, one of the many life lessons my parents taught me is that it’s easy ...


Harvey Weinstein and Taki

The Harvey and I

Here’s a question for you: Could the “monster” of the #MeToo movement get a fair tri...


Generational Astrology for Dummies

As someone who was born at the tail end of the “Baby Boom” (1946-1964), I can say with...


Prince Zeid bin Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein

The Week That Perished

The Week’s Most Psychotic, Despotic, and Quixotic Headlines U.N. URGES FACEBOOK TO FI...

Cultural Caviar

Unfit to a T

Sitting in two airports last week, in Paris and Riga, it suddenly occurred to me that I ha...

High Life

Gstaad Rot

GSTAAD—The pastoral heaven of this place can get very dull during the summer months. Gre...


Junk Science and the Feminist Manipulation Agenda: Part 1

In his tearjerker Aug. 19 article in The New York Times, “How Sexism Follows Women From ...

Joe Bob's America

Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance

NEW YORK—I have zero tolerance for anybody who keeps saying “zero tolerance.” You...

Cultural Caviar

Asia Argento

The Tart Is Deceitful Above All Things

Just as there’s a tremendous difference between acting ethically and feeling the need to...


The Week That Perished

The Week’s Most Informal, Abnormal, and Paranormal Headlines MIAMI HERALD ENDORSES CA...

High Life

Mr and Mrs Taki

Nothing Like a Dame

This was a real surprise—and on my birthday, Aug. 11, to boot: A grown man, whose parent...


From Vegeterianism to Gluten-phobia

In France, a country of meat eaters, there has recently been a spate of attacks on butcher...

Modern Weapons

Avital Ronell

The Sorrows of Young Nimrod the Toady

“I hope the reader of a later age will pardon me for detaining him with persons of whom ...


Singapore City

Crazy Conspicuous Consumption

Crazy Rich Asians, Hollywood’s new romantic comedy about a Chinese-American young lady a...