Lit Crit

Diversity vs. Dignity

Do identity politics truly represent “the demand for dignity,” as centrist political p...

Race and Supremacy

The Day the Asians Turned White

In the Asian-Pacific community, the concept of “whitening” is hugely controversial. Do...


Colin Kaepernick

Same Old Slogan

The inspirational story of a backup NFL quarterback suddenly dominating headlines by champ...


Tucker Carlson

The Week That Perished

The Week’s Most Terse, Diverse, and Perverse Headlines TUCKER CARLSON QUESTIONS DIVER...

High Life

Serena Williams

Reading and Raging

A letter from a reader in South Africa mentions that the writer’s father insisted a whit...

For the Children

Children of the Mob

It was a beautiful day in Paris for a demonstration, brilliantly sunny and not too hot, an...

Joe Bob's America

It’s 5 a.m. for Burt Reynolds

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—If you party hard enough in Little Rock, you eventually end up at a co...

Deep Thoughts

Holocaust Denial Triumphant

Two years ago, I penned a piece titled “Denial Is Dead.” The gist of it was that Holoc...


The Week That Perished

The Week’s Most Lyrical, Empirical, and Satirical Headlines SAUDIS BAN ONLINE SATIRE ...

High Life

Greece Isn’t Back, but Taki Is

Some jerk know-nothing writes in an unreadable American newspaper that Greece is back—At...


Ariana Grande

The Incessant Pendulum Swing

The case of Ariana Grande and the bishop who was a little too familiar with her reminded m...

Joe Bob's America

Amateur Gossip Columnists Roaming Amongst Us

NEW YORK—So I’m riding the downtown E train somewhere between 34th and 4th when one of...


Adolf Eichmann

Bland ‘Finale’

Operation Finale is a decently crafted, reasonably accurate retelling of the kidnapping fr...

Cultural Caviar

The Academy of Athens

Forum of Fools

The New York Times has announced a forum to discuss democracy in the cradle of democracy, ...