Cultural Caviar

The Week That Perished

Oct 14 2018

The Week’s Most Uxurious, Notorious, and Vainglorious Headlines IS HILLARY CLINTON PLOTTING A HOMICIDAL LEFTIST TAKEOVER? Although we cannot verify it, we suspect that Hillary

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Brett Kavanaugh

The Week That Perished

Oct 07 2018

The Week’s Jazziest, Snazziest, and Spazziest Headlines KAVANAUGH CONFIRMED TO SUPREME COURT Despite the frenzied efforts of the Histrionic Left over the past few weeks

Cultural Caviar

The Week That Perished

Sep 23 2018

The Week’s Most Mundane, Inane, and Arcane Headlines TWICE AS MANY ILLEGALS IN USA AS PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT For the longest time—almost since Speedy Gonzales and

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Tucker Carlson

The Week That Perished

Sep 16 2018

The Week’s Most Terse, Diverse, and Perverse Headlines TUCKER CARLSON QUESTIONS DIVERSITY Anyone who understands what words mean realizes that diversity doesn’t signify strength; instead,

Issue of the Century

Global Refugee Roundup: End-of-Summer Edition

Sep 13 2018

In this first installment of what will be a monthly column, we review the world migrant crisis. From every angle that we’ve had the displeasure

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Karl Marx

The Week That Perished

May 06 2018

The Week’s Surliest, Burliest, and Girliest Headlines CELEBRATING MARX IN SPITE OF HISTORY “Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it,” wrote


Gag Reflex

Mar 29 2018

Yes, esteemed readers and Takimag commentators, Ivanka has taken the totally irrational, illogical, short-sited, dumb, whimsical, and hormonally induced decision to shut down the comments section

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Lena Dunham

The Week That Perished

Sep 04 2016

The Week's Dinkiest, Stinkiest, and Kinkiest Headlines DONALD TRUMP's MEXICAN HOLIDAY Last week was probably the strongest one yet in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, giving

Holy See

Vatican Museum

Public-Relations Advice for the Catholic Church

Mar 21 2013

It seemed that only minutes after the College of Cardinals selected Pope Francis as their new pontiff, the popular press was accusing him of enabling

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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Portrait of the Week

Mar 11 2013

HOME Officials in NYC found that nearly 80 percent of the city's public-school graduates had to relearn basic reading, writing, or math after arriving at

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Portrait of the Week

Mar 04 2013

HOME California Rep. Maxine Waters claimed that 170 million jobs will be lost as a result of sequestration. Homeland Security released hundreds of illegal immigrants


President Barack Obama

2013: The Year So Far in Corruption

Mar 03 2013

Lord Acton’s famous maxim that “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is such a nakedly accurate observation of human nature that one

The Take

President Barack Obama

Portrait of the Week

Feb 25 2013

A roundup of news items from last week (and a few tidbits from the week before). HOME The White House Press Corps whined about having


Uncle Sam, Give Us Your Guns

Jan 25 2013

Protected by a hundred supersonic fighter jets, ten thousand armored vehicles with machine-gun turrets, and twenty million fully functional military tanks (many of them equipped


Kicking the Can Over the Cliff

Jan 02 2013

Anyone who has two brain cells to rub together for warmth on a cold winter morning knows that this whole "€œfiscal cliff"€ debate is nothing

Cultural Caviar

The Rodents of Amsterdam

Dec 09 2012

As Pastor Martin Niemöller famously wrote: First they came for the loud, obnoxious, drunken neighbors who defecated on my front lawn, tossed their beer bottles

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Bo Svenson in Kill Bill vol.2


Nov 13 2012

Taki Theodoracopulos wins the world 70+ judo championship by forcing tough-guy actor Bo “Walking Tall” Svenson into submission… Grand Masters 2012 - Miami Beach, Florida

Afternoon Delight

Nadya Suleman

Octomom, Please Octodie

Nov 01 2012

Nadya Suleman, you are everything that is wrong with the world at the moment. The question isn"€™t what's wrong with you"€”that's obvious. Everything is wrong

Cultural Caviar

Trail of Tees

Oct 19 2012

The price-gouging sweatshop-clothing chain The Gap is enduring a tempest in a T-shirt over a $30 “designer” tee featuring the words MANIFEST DESTINY. What is


Biden Takes Ryan to the Jerk Store

Oct 13 2012

There is no bigger douchebag in American politics than Joe Biden. There is possibly no bigger douchebag in the solar system. His florid, monster-truck-sized, off-the-charts


Death of the Obamabots

Oct 05 2012

Mitt Romney kicked Barack Obama’s ass so thoroughly Wednesday night, Attorney General Eric Holder has considered charging him with a hate crime. This gives us


Low-Calorie Food Fight!

Sep 27 2012

Students at a Kansas high school are claiming that the government is trying to starve them to death. In the teeny-weeny Great Plains town of

Cultural Caviar

Wagging the Dirty Infidel Dog

Sep 14 2012

Dumb Middle Easterners are angrier than ever at the West today, and dumb Americans are angrier than ever at the Muslim world, and we"€™re not


An Overdose of Hope

Sep 08 2012

The Democrats are done weaving their web in Charlotte, and wow, what a web it was"€”an intricate lattice of multicolored Silly String that included everyone


A Zero-Watt Affair

Sep 01 2012

If the recently adjourned Republican National Convention was intended to cure insomnia, it was a thundering success. But if it was meant to light a


Satan, Thy Name is Paul Ryan

Aug 18 2012

Paul Ryan wants to hurt you. Oh, sure, he may seem nice, but that’s only a mask. In reality, this wonky honky is “a soulless