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Marcus Scriven read History at Oxford, was briefly a soldier, then became a journalist, initially for the Sunday Telegraph, later for London's Evening Standard, before researching and writing his first book, Splendour & Squalor , short-listed by Spear's magazine as Social History Book of The Year and described by The Weekly Standard as a 'marvelously off-kilter chronicle....drolly, drily, and not unsympathetically appallingly irresistible as the crash of an extremely expensive car'. He is now researching his second book; its subject is another British patrician – described by a cousin as 'a very attractive man....a psychopath, of course'. His website is

Vile Bodies

No Rules for the Ruling Class

No Rules for the Ruling Class

December 30, 2011

It seemed like such a kind offer. They were going to the same house party a