Jim Goad

Jim Goad

Jim Goad is the author of four books, including The Redneck Manifesto.<img src="http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=taksmag-20&l=as2&o=1&a=0684838648" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;"He is the former editor of "ANSWER Me!" magazine and currently hosts jimgoad.net. Though many people find him to be beneath contempt, he sincerely claims he doesn't know what the big deal is. At various points he has found employment as a radio host, a country singer, and a cabdriver. He lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Hate Cries

Maxine Waters

The Plot to Kill Maxine Waters

Sep 11 2017

To my knowledge, there is no plot to kill the intellectually disadvantaged California Congresswoman Maxine Waters. But it seems as if she wishes it were

Cultural Caviar

The Great Hate Flood of 2017

Sep 04 2017

Our grieving nation breathed a sigh of relief when the Associated Press broke the news that Hurricane Harvey was not a racist. “Black, white, rich,

Cultural Caviar

Where Are All the White Supremacists?

Aug 28 2017

I woke up this morning, sneezed, and then suddenly every white person in the world was a “white supremacist.” And if they try to deny

Cultural Caviar

Peace Through Violence

Aug 21 2017

When a diagnosed schizophrenic who’d been prescribed antipsychotic medicine plowed into a crowd of “peaceful protesters”—who were, in fact, illegally blocking a street—and killed a


General Robert E Lee

Dividing the White

Aug 14 2017

A rally in Virginia on Saturday intended to “Unite the Right” ended in chaos and bloodshed. The way events unfolded suggests that the main battle


Robots of the World, Unite!

Aug 07 2017

Antonio Garcia Martinez says he has seen the future, and it made him flee for the woods. Whereas he had previously toiled as a strategist

Cultural Caviar

RIchard Dawkins

Then They Came for the Atheists

Jul 31 2017

It's official: Atheists now occupy a lower place than Muslims in the "€œprogressive stack,"€ meaning that in the Sacred Church of Equality, Muslims are now

Cultural Caviar

Isis flag

Should it Be a Crime to Hurt Allah’s Feelings?

Jul 17 2017

Is there any evidence in the past 50 years of anyone, anywhere being charged with a “hate crime” for mocking Christianity? If there is, I

Cultural Caviar

Stealing Gender From a Baby

Jul 10 2017

A Canadian child born last November is thought to be the first person in the world issued a government health card without a gender designation.

Cultural Caviar

John McEnroe

Ending Gender Discrimination in Professional Sports

Jul 03 2017

The current year is 2017, people, so why are we still segregating male and female athletes? Don"€™t they know that gender is a social construct

Cultural Caviar

Black Clouds Over the Rainbow

Jun 26 2017

In case you weren"€™t aware because you"€™re some kind of bigoted and closeted asshole, this is Pride Month. Across our rainbow-colored planet, men who enjoy


James Hodgkinson

Progressively Sicker

Jun 19 2017

The Resistance has opened fire, and it appears to have very poor aim. Last Wednesday a fat white perpetually disgruntled 66-year-old Midwestern Bernie Bro 99%er

Cultural Caviar

Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman and The Jewish Question

Jun 12 2017

"€œThe Jewish Question"€ is a phrase that has been around since at least the 1750s, and it is deceptive in its simplicity. There are so

Cultural Caviar

Bend Over, Teachers: Here Comes Progress

Jun 05 2017

Evergreen State College is nestled far away from reality in the misty paradise of Olympia, Washington, a mossy and supernatural village which is run by

Cultural Caviar

No Burritos For You!

May 29 2017

I"€™m not a fan of Mexican food, for reasons which should be obvious. Although I hold Mexicans in the highest esteem as a proud and

Cultural Caviar

1 + 1 = You”€™re a Racist

May 22 2017

Piper Harron is an unhappy-looking black woman whose mood would be greatly improved if white male math professors would just "€™fess up to their unearned

Issue of the Century

Angela Merkel

The Genetic Dead Ends Who Rule Europe

May 15 2017

When France decided to slit its own throat last week and elect the childless Emmanuel Macron as its president over the bustier and more fecund

Cultural Caviar

William Shatner

Confronting the Misandropologists

May 08 2017

World-renowned space-traveler and recording artist William Shatner upset wide swaths of the progressive sci-fi nerd community last week when he dared to allege that women

Cultural Caviar

Bill Nye

Bill Nye’s Fake Science

May 01 2017

Bill Nye became famous in the 1990s with a PBS kids"€™ show called Bill Nye The Science Guy. His new series for Netflix is called

Cultural Caviar

Kori Muhammad

The Wages of Pathological Altruism

Apr 24 2017

Here's what I know about Kori Ali Muhammad: First off, he's black. He can"€™t shut up about it. He's one of those latter-day American blacks

Cultural Caviar

The Original Sin of Our Times

Apr 17 2017

We are told"€”actually, we have it drilled into our skulls with nonstop ideological jackhammers and Shame Tasers almost from birth"€”that no one is "€œborn racist,"€

Middle East Conflict

Why’d You Do It, Don?

Apr 10 2017

Late Thursday afternoon I was checking into a motel in Gallup, NM, also known as "€œDrunk Town, USA."€ Stranded in far western New Mexico and


The Happy Hoteps

Apr 03 2017

Ladies and gents, it is my sublime pleasure as a man of intensely European ancestry to introduce you to the most thoroughly enjoyable American Negro


Vladimir Putin

The Russian Deflection

Mar 27 2017

From where I"€™m sitting"€”and if you want to get technical, it's on a cushioned chair in front of a computer on a farm in Georgia"€”the

Issue of the Century

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Somebody Else’s Babies

Mar 20 2017

Last week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared Baby War on Europe. Apparently, 2.5 million Turks currently living in Europe have dual citizenship and are able


Women’s Strike a Huge Bust

Mar 13 2017

In case none of your intersectional feminist friends alerted you, last Wednesday the world was supposed to shut down through the brute force of collective