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Dr. John Zmirak is editor of a series of guides to American higher education, and author of four books: one on economics, two humorous guides to Catholic doctrine and devotions, and the blank-verse graphic novel, The Grand Inquisitor. He teaches writing in New Hampshire.

The Real Bastille Day

The Real Bastille Day

July 13, 2007

The French Revolution was really a digestive eruption of all the basest instincts in the

Sake and the Latin Mass

July 07, 2007

In the 1970s, as Pope Paul VI faced wholesale rebellion by progressives in the Church, he

Highballs and High Society

June 28, 2007

I would especially like to believe the theories of David Icke, a former British soccer

Revolting Elites and Their Pet Amnesty

June 20, 2007

Here’s one aspect of the amnesty which no one is talking about: The moment each of

The Wines of Provence and the Armies of Allah

The Wines of Provence and the Armies of Allah

May 31, 2007

What happened to turn wealthy sixth-century Gaul into the howling wasteland it would

Pentecost: Because Fire is Cool

May 24, 2007

The Feast of Pentecost is one of the most important to Christians, for a number of

The Saint Who Invented Therapy

May 13, 2007

St. Dymphna was buried in Gheel, where she was martyred, and a shrine was built in her

The Rothschilds, Opus One, and Opus Dei

May 04, 2007

If there’s one thing that makes people happier than finding a forgotten bottle in the

Just War, Jeremiah, and Jeremiah Weed

Just War, Jeremiah, and Jeremiah Weed

April 18, 2007

The prophets whom God sent to His people carried a two-fold message, which can be boiled

Easter, Beer, and Yeast

April 08, 2007

Easter was once something more than an uptick on the sales charts of the milk-chocolate

Roast the Easter Bunny

April 06, 2007

Color raw eggs instead of boiled. Awaken the little ones at sunrise for the Easter Egg

Holy Thursday: Sangria in the Streets

Holy Thursday: Sangria in the Streets

April 04, 2007

Mark this multifaceted feast by making a pilgrimage to seven churches in your

St. Patrick and All Those Potatoes

March 15, 2007

The St. Patrick's Day parade is split in New York City, as in many others, between the

Arm the Unborn

March 07, 2007

Once an ostensibly pro-life Catholic, Giuliani decided to shed such high-minded baggage

God, Science, and Telepathic Pets

February 20, 2007

Do your pets have telepathy? Mine don’t, and I’m a little disappointed. Because many

An Amnesty From Hell

An Amnesty From Hell

February 12, 2007

Dear Wordworm, I received your recent note, which was rife with glee as you reflected on

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