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Why Egypt Is Silent

February 22, 2011

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Why Egypt Is Silent

So Egypt is over. Oh, we’ll hear snippets and see some snapshots, but make no mistake, Egypt is over.

Why, you ask? Is it because peace is restored? (Hardly.) Is it because democracy has won? (Highly dubious.) Is it because more interesting events are developing elsewhere? (Plausible, but incorrect.) Is it due to simple boredom? (Not particularly.)

No, the real reason Egypt is finished in the media is a single white female.

If you have not heard, CBS Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan was gang-raped by 200 or so Egyptian men in the moments following Mubarak’s abdication. They were celebrating, you see.

But to read the inevitable after-effect of media censorship over the past several days she was not raped, she was “sexually assaulted,” which soon became simply “assaulted.” Given enough revisions, one wonders whether she will have merely been insulted.

What does this nearly unimaginable bestiality have to do with the cessation of reporting from or about Egypt? Everything.

Because, you recall, we are all the same. All races are the same. All cultures are the same. All civilizations are the same. All people everywhere, over the Earth’s disparate spaces, evolved in exactly the same way over millions and billions of years to render us, all of us, identically developed at this same moment in history. Astounding, isn’t it?

Since we are all not merely equal but identical, then no one (anywhere) is inferior.

“Getting a dictatorship overthrown is a simple task when compared with rousing a docile Westerner.”

Therein lies the problem.

Lara Logan looks like a good many Westerners, though she’s much more attractive than many of us. She could be our sister, our daughter, our mother, our grandmother, our neighbor down the lane. Lara Logan embodies Western womanhood.

And when Western womanhood is gang-raped by dark people, networks become very nervous.

Networks would prefer that viewers not think. It may lead to the conclusion that television viewing is itself the antithesis of thinking. Networks enjoy it when viewers absorb, and most of the time we do.

Yet occasionally something happens that is so stark, so shocking, so angering to our latent genetic consciousness as a people, that we are shaken out of this deep and lingering stupor and we actually, honestly, begin to consider.

All too often this leads to reconsidering, followed by a viewer’s most grievous sin, questioning.

Because for all the talk, all the babble, all the incessant dribble of “sameness,” a good many Westerners cannot quite imagine under any circumstances being swept up into a “rape mob.”

For a day or so the media trotted out their leashed experts to convince the world that this was a crowd mentality. It had happened in New York during Puerto Rican Day, too. (But then, that proved the point.) To their credit, viewers didn’t buy their nonsense.

And just like that, Egypt disappeared.

Coverage has receded, abated, and withered away into five-minute recaps and sixty-second updates. It simply no longer exists as a televised event. What had been live coverage for twelve hours straight goes almost unmentioned a week later.

Make no mistake, there is still a crisis in Egypt, and much more to tell of that land. But you won’t hear it. Not unless you go looking. At the very least, it won’t be delivered to your doorstep anymore.

There are too many instinctive connections to be made. Perhaps all of this immigration from places such as the Middle East and other Third World areas isn’t so healthy for our way of life after all. Perhaps these people not only don’t share our values, they have “values” of their own so abhorrent that we would be shocked to learn how diametrically they conflict with ours. Perhaps what happened to Lara Logan is much more common than we are told and this was a glimpse into our future. Perhaps these are the results of allowing unregulated entry by people who approach the law, speech, government, and gender in a radically different way than we have been led to believe they do.

Those are questions best not dwelt on by the mere people of the West. Best not to get the natives all riled up with unpleasant realities. Their governments and media have thought it all out for them.

Soon we will all be back to oneness.

Getting a dictatorship overthrown is a simple task when compared with rousing a docile Westerner. But if anything can do it, it will be the grotesque barbarism committed upon Lara Logan.

And that is why we will hear no more of Egypt.

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