When the Punishment Fits the Crime

January 11, 2011

From what we know of places such as Ford, the inmates would likely oppose Mr. Clarke’s idiotic ideas. It is not easy to find a place to live that boasts gymnasiums and snooker halls; somewhere which has television, radio, and newspapers; a place which offers five-choice menus which must contain one hot, one cold, one vegetarian, one dairy-free, and one halal option to meet prisoners’ diverse cultural and nutritional needs. A place with easy access to alcohol and drugs. (Forty empty vodka and brandy bottles were found at Ford after the riot as well as assorted stashes of heroin and cocaine.) No wonder half the world would give its right arm to move to Britain. If they were allowed, they would book their prison beds ahead and not even wait to commit whatever crime it takes to earn a place. By way of greeting, new arrivals are given a welcome pack containing tea, coffee, sweets, and almost unbelievably—cigarettes! (Try lighting up a cigarette in any other gentleman’s club and you would probably be asked to resign.) If you happen to be an addict, you are also given hot chocolate to ensure a good night’s sleep. Oh, and thanks to Mr. Blunt and in order to avoid “fruit riots,” prisoners can expect to be served only perfectly sized and shaped apples. Good God!

It’s easy to find illegal mobile phones on which to contact your dealer. From time to time the inmates stage comedy workshops and vampire fancy-dress parties or, according to Lord Brocket, bring girls in from outside for special entertainment.

Whereas standards are loose regarding prisoners, a strict eye is kept on the staff to ensure they behave. In July 2010 when burgers containing pork were accidentally served to some of the Muslim inmates, managers of Ford Open Prison were made to apologize.

It is all intolerable nonsense.

The idea that two prison officers and four support staff were left in charge of 496 prisoners over New Year is utterly derisible. How would it be if instead of wasting public money making futile inquiries into Tony Blair’s lies on Iraq, we were to spend some of it building new prisons and training prison warders to administer them?

Ford’s drink-fueled extravaganza, for that is what it amounted to, was best summed up by the POA deputy general secretary as like “a scene out of Benny Hill,” with the helpless few pursuing the prisoners with breathalyzer kits in vain attempts at who knows what. It seems fitting that at the time the riot was reported to Crispin Blunt, he was happily enjoying himself at a party thrown by the dwarfish leader and Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow.

On the financial front, Bellzone has achieved significant milestones in the short time since listing. The iron ore market is strong globally. Bellzone’s assets are strategic to Guinea, and Bellzone has demonstrated effectively that it can work with almost any regime.

Today the price stands at 84p, and we forecast a medium-term target of 200p.

I am also delighted to report that Kenmare Resources, tipped by Takimag Sharewatch in September at 19p, continues to rise and at close of business on January 6th, 2011 stood at 32.15p—an increase of 69.2%.

Time perhaps to get behind the bars!

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