When Jilted Lovers Commit Hate-Crime Hoaxes

March 06, 2017

After being jilted last summer by a white girl he’s named recently in tweets as Francesca Rossi, Thompson allegedly kept his harassment mostly confined to her and various associates he perceived as traitors and enemies. He didn’t “up his game” and start threatening Jewish centers until January.

In a rambling screenshot he posted on Twitter, he accused his ex of trying to frame him for the bomb threats:

Two years ago, after swearing off white women, I started dating one….She seemed like a cool Brooklyn white radical. There were warning signs though; she didn’t tell me she had herpes until AFTER we hooked up; she called me a thug, in an approving way…she called herself captain save-a-thug—a reference to the type of black men she dated.

We broke up after someone showed me the light, and since then she’s stalked and harassed me….She, though I can’t prove it, even sent a bomb threat in my name to a Jewish center, which was odd given her anti-Semitic statements….I got a visit from the FBI. So now I’m battling the racist FBI and this vile, evil, racist white woman….I’m afraid…we know what happens when white women use the law to go after black men.’

It’s a unique approach, I’ll give him that—try to frame your ex by sending a bomb threat in your own name, but claim that she did it. It’s a brilliant plan that might have worked if FBI agents weren’t able to trace the threats to Thompson’s IP address.

While these bomb threats were being made, Thompson continued blaming his ex for trying to frame him, referring to her as “some awful white woman” and “a white nasty white woman”—that’s right, he said “white” twice!

Writer Doyle Murphy for the St. Louis Riverfront Times says Thompson once called him “a white piece of shit who lies and distorts to fit a narrative.” This is rich coming from someone who claimed over the past couple years to be dying not only from multiple gunshot wounds but from testicular cancer—neither of which turned out to be true. Murphy then goes on to chronicle several of Thompson’s lies, including little dumb ones about how his “homemade kimchi” he posted online was actually a stock photo and how his “tattoo” of Malcolm X from an alleged trip to Cuba was merely swiped from another online photo. He also documents how Thompson allegedly created a Twitter account to smear Murphy as a rapist after failing to get him fired from his job.

When I hear of a disgraced black communist trying to frame his white liberal ex-girlfriend for anti-Semitic bomb threats, am I the only one who thinks “Oscar contender”? If Hollywood doesn’t immediately make this into a blockbuster, it’s only because they’re prejudiced against young black reporters who hate Donald Trump, white women, and Jews. In case Juan Thompson didn’t get the memo, you’re only allowed to hate Trump.

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