Unilateral Disarmament

October 26, 2009

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Every mainstream figure who opposes illegal or mass immigration never tires of informing everyone who will listen that they’d never, ever do it because of race and ethnicity. It’s all about being a “nation of laws” and protecting citizens from unfair employment competition. Apparently, many of these immigration hawks don’t even think about race, or else are positively welcoming of a demographic transformation of fading Anglo-Protestant America, provided it’s done through proper legal channels, of course.

It’s certainly right to support the rule of law, and I agree that mass immigration doesn’t, in itself, raise anyone’s standard of living. But those concerned with immigration should take note that, as revealed by Andrew Neather’s recent tell-all column in the Evening Standard, when the Left, even the moderate Left, concocts immigration policies, it’s all about race. As a friend remarked to me this weekend, average conservatives may not be interested in race, but race is interested in them.

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