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To Tell You the Truth…

April 21, 2017

Nietzsche famously declared that there are no truths, only interpretations. (Where Trump is concerned, the media considers only strict truth, hence he’s a liar. The same can be said about me where the Clintons are concerned.) This led to a lot of charlatans called deconstructionists and postmodernists, who delighted in the idea that there is no truth. Communist ideology considered truth a bourgeois construct. Our universities are no better. They pretend and advertise that they stand for free speech, but only as long as free speech does not involve anything that is in favor of conservatism. How that differs from Communist oppression of free speech is a mystery to me. Yet try to find a conservative speaker who is not violently ejected from the podium in places like Harvard, Yale, or Columbia, and I will make my boat available to the Clintons for the duration.

Let’s face it. The biggest lie of all is that we here in America enjoy free speech. When Trump told a black congressman that he should worry about what has happened to the black family, rather than complain about presidential antics, the media reacted like an outraged duchess who had walked into a brothel by mistake. One cannot speak the truth about black crime, about gay promiscuity, about violent Hispanics illegally in the country, and God forbid if one mentions Trump in a favorable way.

Back in Florence in 1497, Savonarola tried to purify the city by burning everyone who didn’t agree with him at the stake. But old Savo ended up being fried himself when he took it too far. No wonder Machiavelli wrote that “If sometimes I do happen to tell the truth, I hide it among so many lies that it is hard to find.” Machiavelli survived and died in his bed. So will the liars in the media and in academia who are Savonarola’s successors. I accept this as a way of life in modern America, but don’t pick on the Donald as someone in need of truth serum. The media needs it more than he does.

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