This Country Was Not Built by Beta Males

October 25, 2013

That’s where feminism has brought us. To defend the homemaker and say her life shouldn’t be trivialized is to demean women. Women who put family before career are sellouts in this world. I’m sick of seeing women who follow tens of thousands of years of evolution treated like they’re some kind of freak. A human being came out of her body. That’s a miracle. And yes, it’s a lot more consequential than pretty much every job that men do. Can we please stop belittling the most miraculous thing about our entire existence? It is our existence. Choosing family over career is a noble act. Why are feminists such as Linda Hirshman accusing these women of choosing a “life [which] so resembles that of a toddler’s”?

I make commercials and funny videos. My wife has created, nurtured, and shaped the life of three human beings. They will go on to have kids of their own. I’m selling cheese puffs. She’s changing the world. This basic truth is seen as radical here in New York. If you say this, not only do you disapprove of women in the workforce, you’re petrified of them. At the end of the discussion, after much jeering and sneering, one of the professors repeated the assertion that I want to impose some kind of antiquated gender role on women despite the fact that I had just said the opposite. She was being a fucking idiot, so I called her a fucking idiot and hung up. Leftists described this moment as an “epic meltdown.”

I had gone on a show to discuss masculinity and was ridiculed for saying men are more masculine than women. The left’s creative destruction puts single mothers on a pedestal while scoffing at traditional families. I believe this anti-machismo dogma is linked to anti-capitalism and is ultimately anti-American. I also think it’s a dangerous virus that threatens Western culture at its core. This country was not built by beta males.

What’s truly amazing about this ridiculous situation is the explosion of interest it generated. ABC called me, and their story on it became the second-most-read post on the site. A radio show in LA called asking for an interview. The Daily Caller did a piece. Blog after blog railed against my “ridiculous misogynistic views.” The feminists assumed it was a meltdown. Mediaite called it “explosive.” Jezebel said I was an irrelevant old man, while Fox’s The Five broadcast the story to two million viewers. It generated thousands of comments on HuffPoLive’s site.

Responses on Twitter ranged from positive:

I’m a woman and with you…to be taken seriously as feminist [one] must act like a man. Regret giving up family. Too late now.

To somewhat less than positive:

I’d love the opportunity to be masculine and punch @Gavin_McInnes in the face for his “natural world”

The reason my perfectly reasonable observation made everyone go nuts is because it resonated. I said what the silent majority is thinking. Many women would be much happier at home. I obviously don’t want to enforce that as a law. I simply want women to be happier and not have to cram fertility drugs down their throat at 40 trying to reverse time, as is the case with virtually all of the women I know.

The study I cited says women are less happy after feminism. Maybe the reason for this is that so much of modern feminism forces women to reject the very nature of being female. That’s sexist.


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