Vile Bodies

They Too

August 24, 2011

They have turned American cities into such loci of barbarity that on the spot in Philadelphia (and it’s one of many) that is 11 blocks from Benjamin Franklin’s home, seven blocks from where Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, and one block from the once-glorious Wanamaker’s Department Store where only 80 years ago the world’s greatest musicians performed for polite middle-class shoppers wearing dignified clothes, now a hip-hop mob twitches on Third World sidewalks, and feral plurality-black (43.4%) savages pounce on vulnerable white-minority (36.9%) passersby.

They, Corporate Whore Brigade, bottom-line bottom battalion, do the Ramadan Mubarak in England, halal Norwegian wieners in that northern dhimmiland, and “Para español, oprima numero dos” on corporate telephones in the United States.

They—Between 76 golf rounds in two-and-a-half years, $35,800-a-plate dinners with Gwyneth, Anna (Wintour), and Harvey (Weinstein) in New York, and with Rahm, Herbie (Hancock), and 100 big-ticket buyers in Chicago, hip-hop barbecues with Tom and Rita (Hanks) and Al (Tawana Brawley) in Washington, tête-à-tête dinner dates in Parisian bistros with a food-taster flown in from the US, and shopping in Marbella—squeeze in (in his and her jets) some Martha’s Vineyard R&R in a $50,000-a-week estate while lecturing America about “fat cats,” “corporate jet owners,” “unneeded income,” and “redistributive change.”

They—in California—pay some publicly funded lifeguards more than $200,000 a year in wages and benefits and allow them to retire at age 50 with pension plans worth millions. They welcome illegal aliens to free college education while cities under their control in which they would never live (too dangerous) have to lay off so many police officers that they no longer respond to reports of burglary, theft, embezzlement, extortion, or vandalisms. 

They—at the National Institute of Health—spend $2.6 million dollars borrowed from Japan to study the correlation between Chinese prostitutes’ alcohol intake and chance at getting AIDS, but to balance that, They—at the New York Psychiatric Institute—spend $400,000 borrowed from China to study why Argentine homosexuals engage in risky sexual behavior while drunk.

They have converted a 2008 American bankster insolvency of $1.2 trillion into a public liability that in the United States alone has added $4.6 trillion to the sovereign debt since 2008. The debt is growing at an alarming rate, too—until it will grow no more, either through sovereign default or a meltdown of the sovereign’s dollar.

They have degraded the fount of the greatest art and music that humanity has ever known into a coprophiliac socio-pop pap where the percentage of art (or music) is equal to the remainder after the subtraction of the percentages of transgressive sociology and infantile psychosexual deviancy from 100%.

To St. Augustine’s “Conquer yourself and the world lies at your feet” or the Stoics’ “Gnothi seauton,” They answer with 1,000 digital channels of interactive nothing, no-money-down McMansions in subdivision hellholes, and SlutWalks galore by hairy hermaphrodites. To the question, “Who shall guard the guardians?”, they respond by replacing the asking population.

They are driving this civilization off the cliff.


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