The Week That Perished

May 13, 2013

Obama’s problems were amplified on Friday when the IRS issued an apology for placing political groups that had included the words “Tea Party” or “Patriots” in their self-descriptions under extra scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status. It is alleged that in some cases, groups were asked for their list of donors. This practice reportedly affected “dozens of organizations” and recalled Richard Nixon’s targeted tax audits of those on his “enemies list.” IRS officials had previously denied such allegations, and it has been suggested that the agency offered a preemptive apology to help derail an upcoming audit by the agency’s Inspector General regarding the matter.

The Daily Beast published an article on Saturday criticizing Obama for kowtowing to his benefactors in the oft-reviled “1%” rather than doing anything substantive to aid those among the “99%” who fell for his populist class-war rhetoric. They noted that earlier this month, Obama nominated billionaire Penny Pritzker, who’d helped raise oodles of cash for him in both his presidential campaigns, as Commerce Secretary. Pritzker’s net worth is estimated to be about seven times that of Mitt Romney’s. Obama also appointed Mel Watt, who during his two decades in Congress reportedly received more contributions from the banking sector than any of his colleagues, as head of the Federal Housing Financing Administration. Obama also chose millionaire venture capitalist Tom Wheeler to head the FCC. Amid making all these appointments, Obama found time to deliver a commencement speech at Ohio State University about how Americans need to “reject a country in which only a lucky few prosper.”

Obama was roundly criticized last week after a White House visitors’ log was revealed in late April that the Obamas held a huge and largely secret post-inauguration bash at the White House featuring A-listers such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Rahm Emanuel, Jamie “Django” Foxx, Penny Pritzker, Whoopi Goldberg, Eric Holder, Jennifer Hudson, Eva Longoria, and the eternally balding singer James Taylor.

Flanked by an all-female contingent to ostensibly honor Mother’s Day, Obama also held a conference on Friday announcing that his Affordable Care Act is “here to stay.” He stated that he is “110% committed” to implementing the plan, which is appropriate, seeing as the public debt could soon eclipse 110% of the Gross Domestic Product.


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