The Left-Wing Cannibal Holocaust

January 02, 2018

And as that was going on, Latinos were having their own similar scuffle. Over at Mic.com, former MSNBC hack Gabriela Resto-Montero—a “journalist” so cowardly that when I called her out over a lie-filled piece back in 2014, she responded by changing her name on social media and going into hiding!—blasted her fellow Latinos for daring to consider themselves “white” (over 50% of U.S. Latinos identify as ethnically Hispanic but racially white). Resto-Montero slammed what she sees as a growing trend of “alt-right racism” in the Latino community…in part because they refuse to acknowledge their “brownness.”

At Vice.com, Pakistani-American blogger and Muslim activist Ayesha A. Siddiqi blasted “white feminism” and “white womens’ [sic] empowerment” as “rebranded white supremacy.” And over at The Root, self-described “brown woman” Aditi Natasha Kini (whose ethnicity is South Asian) went to town on the “mediocre white girls” who populate Hollywood feminism. Lena Dunham? “Supports white male abusers.” Amy Schumer? “Openly racist.” Rooney Mara? “Spawn of privilege.” Jennifer Lawrence? “Bigoted.” Emma Watson? “Continues to usurp the platform of feminism from black women and other women of color with her massive fame.” Sofia Coppola? “Loves white women…notoriously weak at understanding intersectionality.”

See, this is why, a few days ago, when a white feminist Huffington Post editor tweeted that her New Year’s resolutions were to “1. Cultivate female friendships, 2. Band together to kill all men,” I laughed. That’s about as naive as it gets. Women “banding together”? Make sure to include Aditi Natasha Kini among the female friends you cultivate, please!

Of course, female backbiting is historical. But what we’re seeing right now is leftist backbiting, to a degree I’ve never before witnessed. Keep in mind that all of the examples I listed are just from the past three weeks. If I were to make a list of leftist infighting for all of 2017, it would run 10,000 words (at least). At the heart of every example I gave is the same underlying accusation: You’re a revisionist (in the Marxist sense of the word), a counterrevolutionary in revolutionary’s clothing. Your ideology isn’t pure. You’re not feminist enough, you’re not black enough, you’re not brown enough, you’re not anti-racist enough, you’re not “social-justicey” enough. You’re a traitor to the cause, a betrayer of “the oppressed.”

I think what we’re witnessing in the current leftist crack-up is a perfect storm—two fronts converging: the left’s traditional love of purity purges, and the monster of identity politics grown beyond its creators’ control. This is good news, and it’s going to get better. We have a president who, whatever his faults, blessedly never caves to political correctness. And white Americans have become so hardened by the left’s constant attacks on their identity, over 55% of them now believe that whites as a group face discrimination in the U.S. With fewer and fewer fresh victims to bully, the left is being forced to attack its own.

To crib a line from the 2014 Godzilla reboot, “Let them fight.”

2018 will be a fine year indeed for those of us who love to see the left drink its own poison. And as leftists hoist their goblets of organic, vegan, fair-trade, gluten-free hemlock, I will meet it with a glass of my own filled with champagne.

Clink, and Happy New Year!

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