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The Hunt for a Good Bad Guy

August 14, 2015

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The Hunt for a Good Bad Guy

There is a severe rape drought going on in the West; not the violent sexual assault as is broadly defined by the law but a particular kind of rape. We want wealthy white males with blond hair high-fiving each other as they torture some poor girl who was just trying to get an education. The Middle East is resplendent with these scenarios, but the guy usually has a funny hat on instead of Richie Rich hair. Here in America prison tops the rape charts, but that’s men on men, and men are gross. Firmly planted behind the prison-rape stats we have black-on-white rape clocking in at tens of thousands a year (unfortunately, the white-on-black rape stats are negligible). That sounds racist. Women were getting gang-raped en masse at spring break this year, but that was mostly blacks too so no thanks.

There is a lot of currency behind the Duke lacrosse rapist ideal. Through Title IX, the government offers financial rewards to schools for digging up sexual offenders in varsity jackets. Rapists give feminists something to fight for in a culture where women have little to complain about. This means when a woman lies about frat boys, or carries a mattress around, or simply says someone resembles a rapist, the ax falls hard. Most recently we had Jim Norton suggesting someone “forcibly cums” in Marco Rubio’s ass because Marco is against post-rape abortions. This joke was clearly anti-rape, but slim pickings mean Norton is a rapist.

“Roosh’s proposal was about as serious as one of Jonathan Swift’s, but the message is correct.”

Which brings me to this week’s rape de semaine. Daryush Valizadeh is a “pickup artist” (a.k.a. PUA) who spares us his ridiculous foreign name by using the moniker Roosh V. He tours the world giving small groups of men simple tips such as: Get in shape, be interesting, start the conversation simple, etc. As far as I’m concerned he’s a hippie love guru trying to rebuild the male-female relationship after decades of sabotage. We live in a stifled environment where groups of men have entirely given up on women and replaced them with porn. They call it a “sexodus” and groups such as MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) are “Refusing to bow, serve and kneel for the opportunity to be treated like a disposable utility.” This isn’t good for the human race. As Joe Strummer used to say, “Without people, you’re nothing.”

Encouraging traditional gender roles is a dangerous trend for the rape alarmists. So when Roosh announced he was doing talks in Toronto and Montreal this week, the feminazis committed to shut it down. They cited an article he wrote back in February called “How to Stop Rape” wherein he said we should “make rape legal if done on private property.” His point being women would be a lot less heedless about inviting men over and false accusations would also end if this amendment came to pass. His proposal was about as serious as one of Jonathan Swift’s, but the message is correct. Women have such hubris these days that they are endangering themselves. Getting wasted in public is reckless for a woman no matter how much we “teach men not to rape.” Passing out on a crowded beach may not be asking for it, but it’s pretty close. This is what an intellectual discussion does. It posits an outlandish hypothesis that provokes you into confronting a dark truth. He could have said, “If we forbade black men from ever being around white women, rape cases would plummet.” This is an impossible scenario no sane person would want to implement, but it’s also a great way to showcase the shocking statistics behind interracial rape.

Just to be triple sure, I had Roosh on my show and asked him point-blank about Fernando Sandel. After being invited to various women’s homes here in New York, Sandel would let his buddies Joey Cruz and Isaiah Rivera in so they could all gang-rape his date. This is private property and would be legal under Roosh’s scenario. He responded, “If I was being serious with my thought experiment, maybe it would. If people genuinely think that I was advocating for violence against anyone, their IQ has to be under 80.” IQ, huh? Again, sounds racist.

Canada has no interest in debate. The Canadian Human Rights Commission has made it very clear that they consider free speech strictly an “American concept,” so they “don’t give it any value.” They don’t want to debate Roosh. They want him stifled. Forty-four thousand people signed a petition to “deny Roosh V accommodation.” Warning posters were plastered all over Montreal. They made signs with slogans such as “Why are you afraid of consensual sex?” They held protests and yelled, well, nothing. Both the mayors of Toronto and Montreal insisted Roosh was not welcome in their cities. Roosh’s original Montreal venue canceled the talk and he was forced to do it last minute at a secret location. That night, he was stalked on the street and attacked. His talks have nothing to do with that rape hypothetical from six months ago. They’re about meeting girls. The crusaders for justice don’t care. While they use disgusting language like “die cis scum” and #killallmen, they go through our history with a fine-tooth comb hysterically pointing out rude adjectives like “decaying.” It’s like being admonished by Sid Vicious for using your iced-beverage spoon instead of your oval soupspoon.

Roosh has fired back. The Toronto show will happen just as the Montreal one did. He’s hired bodyguards and rented several decoy venues for the event. Just as the Confederate flag has now become a symbol of the First Amendment, Roosh’s innocuous advice seminars on meeting girls are also now a symbol of free speech. To combat the narrative, he just released a video claiming feminists hate him because of his Middle Eastern heritage and they need to check their privilege. Roosh is as committed to Islam as he is committed to the legalization of rape, but this is a checkmate move because this whole fight was never about rape or women’s rights. It’s about the narrative. And the narrative is not just illogical, it’s completely insane.

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