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The Genetic Dead Ends Who Rule Europe

May 15, 2017

When it comes to Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel (pictured at right with his partner), there’s no denying it—he’s as gay as a fresh sprig of mistletoe pinned to a red-velvet winter’s vest. He currently bears the distinction of being the “only openly gay world leader” at the moment. And we can all safely assume that his life partner isn’t going to start poppin’ babies out of his rectum anytime soon.

In stark contrast to the gaggle of unfruitful fruits who currently rule Western Europe, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Viktor Orban—who form a Triumvirate of Evil for anyone dumb enough to believe globalism’s a good thing—have graced the planet with a dozen children between them, which will undoubtedly lead to climate change and starvation in Africa, which will then force 100 million or so African refugees northward in search of freedom, social justice, and a better life.

Speaking of climate change and Africa, 24 out of the 25 nations on Earth with the highest birth rates all come from that vibrant and prosperous continent. I remember back in the 1970s when ZPG (Zero Population Growth) was a huge plank in the leftist platform—a plank that was slowly and silently withdrawn when people started realizing it would be “racist” to notice where all the population growth was occurring. So instead of trying to squash population growth in the areas where it actually needs squashing, the left has changed strategies and is cheering for demographic extinction in European nations where the indigenous population isn’t even breeding at replacement levels. That way, they can bring in all those prodigiously breeding, non-racist brown people and harmony will finally be achieved.

Under monarchy, it was assumed that a nation’s leaders descended from well-established bloodlines. Even in the Preamble to the US Constitution, it was understood that a nation that was something to be preserved for one’s “posterity.”

When I searched the word “posterity” on Google, the first definition to pop up was telling: “all future generations of people.” The idea that “posterity” meant “the descendants of a person” was described as “archaic.” Still, Merriam-Webster refuses to get with the program and still defines “posterity” as primarily meaning “the offspring of one progenitor to the furthest generation.” I highly suspect that this is the sort of “posterity” that the Founding Fathers intended. But under the Macronian definition, since there is no such thing as French culture, there is really no such thing as an ancestral French people who created it, so any Somalian or Algerian who seeks refuge in France is every bit as French as the linear descendants of Charles Martel.

The cobwebbed wombs and the blank-shooting scrotums that currently rule Europe obviously have no personal genetic stake in what happens to Europe after they die. To them, the Europeans of the future will be “all future generations” that inhabit Europe, not the biological descendants of those who’ve inhabited Europe for dozens of millennia.

A continent ruled by the sterile and inhabited by those who’ve been brainwashed or demoralized into choosing sterility themselves will have no posterity in the classical sense. Instead, they will be overrun by people from alien cultures who may not have developed much in the way of technology or philosophy but who at least possess the genetic wisdom to be fertile.

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