High Life

The Future is Trump

November 12, 2016

Whites choose to live, as do blacks, among their own — if they have the choice. Churches self-segregate and whites flee to the suburbs once blacks move in next door. The elites, however, call this racism, although they would not dream of living next to a black family unless they were the Obamas, and then some. And as more and more Africans move to the States, there are more and more natives who feel a kind of cultural dispossession and a belief that Uncle Sam cannot thrive as an increasingly multiracial nation. Those who feel this way have been X-rated by the elites, and are called racists, homophobes, sexists, xenophobes and morally deformed. These people found a champion in Trump.

And now a word about the fourth estate: I knew the fix was in long ago — never have the media been as incapable of separating fact from fiction and truth be damned — but when Vogue came out slamming Trump, I almost pissed in my St Laurent silk underwear. Never before have so many news outlets abandoned all pretence of fairness in reporting an election. Never before have newspapers — with the exception of the New York Times, which always mixes reporting news with editorialising — allowed reporters to express their opinions in so-called news stories. And the TV reportage was just as bad. You know the kind of thing: the pursed lips and air of healthy scepticism when it came to anything resembling a pro-Trump comment; the head tilt of doubt in response to any Trump announcement; the look of outraged authority when anyone defended Trump. The ones I found amusing were the lightweights of Vogue, those narcissistic onanists who somehow viewed Trump as an American version of Brexit. His hair and make-up was an affront to their preening self-importance. They minced their way to Hillary.

But the Donald has won and, best of all, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the New Yorker and the three main networks have once and for all disgraced themselves by proving they have no idea what this country is about. Yippee!

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