Teaching Men to Bleed

November 25, 2014

There’s a “one-child policy” joke in here somewhere. So are the Chinese just trying to out-weird their longtime rival for the Craziest Asian Nation title, Japan? (“We’ll see you ‘comfort women’ and raise you ‘uncomfortable men.’”)

Or could these simulations catch on even in the West, and become the next hipster pregnancy must-have, along with doulas, Baby Björns, and that Vulli “Sophie” giraffe? Surely the only thing preventing such a fad is America’s punitive regulatory and liability culture, for which I suddenly find myself experiencing a strange new respect.

Also this week, we learned that “transgender men who get pregnant face social, health challenges.”

(Like “getting arrested for stalking,” I guess.)

As for “menstruation simulation,” that was apparently a thing back in 2010. A (surprise!) half-Japanese “artist” claimed she’d invented a “silvery device” “worn around the waist like a belt” that “drips about 80 milliliters of blood from a tank,” and that’s as far as I got.

Except that the device, we’re told, “may or may not be purely conceptual.”

Looks like another lady creative couldn’t bear, for whatever reasons, to bring her bizarre idea to term.

God knows I’m not the world’s most empathetic gal, but in this case, sweetie, believe me: I feel your pain.

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