Stealing Gender From a Baby

July 10, 2017

Then there’s the sudden trend of “men” giving birth. Here’s the heartwarming (heartworming?) story of a “British man” who somehow was born a woman and retained the ability to shoot a baby out of her womb. Last year TIME magazine featured a story with an absolutely disgusting photo (I warned you!) and a title that included the phrase “My Brother’s Pregnancy.” Last summer The Guardian ran an article titled “Breastfeeding as a trans dad.” In January, National Geographic—which is nothing more than a Cultural Marxist echo chamber set on autopilot these days—devoted an entire issue to the “Gender Revolution.”

Is it a revolution, or is it just revolting?

The mainstream media’s utter surrender to the modern Gender Delusion constitutes the hugest abdication of journalistic standards I’ve seen in my lifetime, and that’s saying a mouthful. Almost across the board, they’ve swallowed this insane gender-denial rhetoric and will obediently refer to men as women and women as men and boys will be girls and girls will be boys. There’s no such thing as “transphobia,” but it appears that uncomfortably large swaths of the public are absolutely terrified of reality.

What’s even more depressing for someone who’s already depressed about the human condition is how many people have willingly fallen into line with this nonsense. A mere ten years ago, hardly anyone besides a puny handful of “queer theorists” believed this bullshit. When I was a kid, the case of Christine Jorgensen’s sexual-reassignment surgery was considered the most shocking abomination in the history of humankind—far worse than even rape or murder.

But now, despite the astronomical suicide rates of people with gender dysphoria and the stratospheric healthcare costs that will result if physicians continue to enable the disorder rather than treat it, we’re trained under threat of perpetual social ostracism to pretend it’s all healthy and good, and that anyone who thinks otherwise is really the “sick” one.

Yes, I realize that in order to embrace the egalitarian lies of leftism, one must be systematically exposed to relentless propaganda and shaming. But with this whole “trans” thing, I think they may be overplaying their hand.

Society is still sane enough to realize that it’s unhealthy for an anorexic woman to think she’s obese, for a white person to think they’re black, and for someone with body integrity identity disorder to suffer a constant urge to saw off one of their limbs. But we’re expected to think it’s not only healthy for a man to think he’s a woman—and now for a boy to think he’s a girl—it’s also righteous.

Sometimes I think the powers that be are fucking with us just to see how much nonsense we’ll believe.

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