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Spread the Poverty!

September 21, 2011

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Spread the Poverty!

I have a new slogan for Obama: Spread the Poverty! We are told that more people now live below the poverty line than ever. But who sets the line? Like we don’t know the answer to that.

Government bureaucrats set the lines on everything. That’s their specialty. The government defines you and assigns you a box. Then government does everything it can to keep you in the box, where you are convenient and most importantly predictable.

This is why the government keeps data on things such as ethnicity, religion, gender, and income. You never know when you need to use that data to let people know how bad they have it.

If you have a BMI of 25, you are overweight, but at 24.9 you are not? If $10,890 is poor, it’s obvious that one extra dollar makes you suddenly not poor, at least according to government logic.

How silly. It’s like saying, “I’m 49 and a half.” But it’s no surprise that the government treats us like we’re stupid. They’ve earned that right, because for the most part America is too stupid to realize that things such as rich, poor, fat, and thin are mostly a state of mind.

“The individual defines what’s rich and poor, and government can’t stand the individual.”

If you have a BMI of 27 and you feel good, who cares what the government thinks? The same is true in evaluating rich and poor. Wealth is a state of mind. Rich and poor are dictated by lifestyle choices, not numbers. Some people make a small amount of money but live like kings. Then there are those who earn outrageous incomes but are one house payment from financial devastation. 

The individual defines what’s rich and poor, and government can’t stand the individual. The individual refuses to live in the box or be some neatly wrapped predictable package such as “poor.”

This new report on poverty is supposed to tell us that poverty is problematic. I disagree. America’s poverty problem is its definition of poverty. After that, the next problem is liberal politicians’ fascination with rewarding poverty.

There are far too many corrupt poor, i.e., the poor who take advantage of American taxpayers. Any system that creates more of them is the problem. 

There are three million jobs available in America, but according to this report, America doesn’t have the talent pool to fill them. Given the state of American education, I can’t say I’m surprised. However, another report says what I believe may be truer—many of the unemployed prefer not to work while receiving unemployment:

“Many people walk through our doors looking for a job. We’re offering them a job and what they do is they turn around and give us a date.  [They say] ‘I’m only available here’ and that’s when their unemployment runs out. [They say] ‘Before that, I’m not interested in the job but if you would keep me in mind for that date, then I’d be interested in the job.’”

I guess America is supposed to feel guilty that according to the government, America has more poor. Whom do we blame for this? The Tea Party? The taxpayer? Or do we blame the policies of the skinny half-black guy who has run roughshod over America for almost three years?

Of course the increase in poverty is Obama’s fault. It’s not like more poverty during the Era of O sneaked up on us. This 2010 report showed us the trend line, and it wasn’t very promising then:

2009, Obama’s first year in office, saw a record jump in the poverty level from 13.2% to 15%. The poverty level is defined as living at $22,025 or below for a family of four.

Obama and his ilk literally have invested in poverty. And as this Heritage Foundation article points out, Obama actually wanted to reconstruct poverty’s definition. His innovation was to define it relative to what others earned. Think of it this way: If an achiever earns more money and a poor person doesn’t, the poverty gap widens.

Poverty helps the left. It allows Obama to implement wealth redistribution using trumped-up statistics to back it up, at least to a stupid populace. Poverty allows Obama to say that poor Americans should be grateful to him. Without Obama, imagine where the real poverty line would be. Who knows what America’s poor might have had to give up had Obama not been at the helm?

While the rest of the world’s poor try not to starve or die from disease, America’s poor will be suffering right along with them. It looks like Christmas this year will be a little light for America’s “poor.” I’d hate to see America’s poor give up their manicures or flat-screen TVs. What poor person should have to survive without an Xbox, a cell phone, or a pimped-out car?


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