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Save the Five!

July 06, 2017

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Save the Five!

“White supremacists have no place in the armed forces,” screeched the Huffington Post. “Forces members who disrupted Indigenous rally face ‘severe consequences,’” warned the CBC. “Pathetic, dumb, and dangerous: The Proud Boys make their debut in Halifax,” chided The Coast.

The MSM narrative is that five servicemen (four sailors and a soldier) went to disrupt an indigenous religious ceremony because they’re members of a white supremacist group called the Proud Boys. They can’t defend themselves because they’ve been banned from speaking to any media. Then, with zero verification, the tarnished brass removed these five men from training and exercises and began feverishly capitulating. Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan apologized to “Chief Grizzly Mamma” for offending her (I don’t think this woman is chief of anything). Canada’s top general, Jon Vance, called his men “deplorable,” seemingly unaware we took that term back from Hillary. Their boss, Rear Admiral John Newton, did a 20-minute apology conference where he repeated again and again how much the navy hates Nazis. Canadians sure love saying “Sorry.”

“These five men did not disrupt an indigenous ceremony. They went to a disingenuous ceremony and asked some questions.”

This is ironic considering three of the five men had grandfathers who fought the Nazis in WWII, but that’s only the beginning. Of these same men, two are natives and one is gay. As we’ve stated a million times, the Proud Boys are a multiracial organization with no Nazi ties whatsoever. These five men did not disrupt an indigenous ceremony. They went to a disingenuous ceremony and asked some questions. The Proud Boys heard about an anti-Canada rally as it was happening so they stopped by a local park to check it oot. Turns out the rumors were true. There are videos of this all over the internet. You can see the Proud Boys arrive and begin to ask some simple questions. There was only one native there, Chief Grizzly Mamma, and the only thing ceremonial about the event was when she cut all her hair off and stuck it on a statue of Halifax’s founder, Lieutenant General Edward Cornwallis. The statue was also covered with stickers that said “Fuck Canada” and “No 150” (marking the 150th anniversary of Canada’s independence). At one point in the video, you see a black immigrant tell one of the sailors he cannot hold a Canadian flag. The protesters didn’t have to follow this made-up rule. They had an upside-down Canadian flag with the word “Recolonize” across it. (I’m sorry, but can you imagine immigrating to a country and then telling people there they can’t wave their flag because it’s a “flag of genocide”? It’s a level of ingrate that boggles the mind.)

The protesters told the Proud Boys that they are on Micmac territory and Canada isn’t a country. They were called skinheads and white supremacists and Chief Grizzly Mamma started picking fights. Eventually, our guys politely left the protest and went to a bar. The “ceremony” continued as planned, and later, when everyone had left, the Proud Boys went back to the statue and took off the hair and the anti-Canada stickers it had been plastered with. You know, the kind of stuff servicemen are supposed to do. They didn’t realize it was being called a religious ceremony until they read about it in the papers the next day.

I’ve been doing interviews with liberal media all day and they all ask the same thing: “Don’t you think it’s disrespectful for your friends to be questioning Micmacs in a town where Cornwallis put a bounty on their heads?” To which I respond, “WHY did Cornwallis have a bounty on their heads?” It always garners silence. The Micmacs were fierce warriors. They were so effective, in fact, that the French hired them to attack the British in what is now Halifax. They were doing a great job of raping and pillaging and murdering us so Cornwallis put a bounty on their heads. Fortunately for the Indians, they were so good at fighting that not one bounty was ever achieved. Journalists don’t know this. Their curiosity stops at “bounty.” I think it’s insulting to the Micmacs to portray them as victims. They were one of our most worthy adversaries, ever.

The protesters were being brats and Canadians appeased them. Sorry, ingrates, but that’s not the deal in a free country. You can’t just call yourself a chief and say that every time you vandalize statues it’s a “religious ceremony.” You don’t get to tell people where they can and cannot walk and what flags they can carry, especially when that flag is a Canadian flag and you’re proudly waving your desecrated flag on Canada’s 150th birthday. The Micmacs didn’t have their land stolen by colonizers. They signed a treaty after kicking our asses. The religious-ceremony trope is a complete lie, but even if it were true, the Proud Boys did nothing wrong. They showed up to an event at a public park, asked some questions, and left. For this, they have been painted by the mainstream media as white supremacists and may lose their livelihoods. Even a sailor’s girlfriend is in trouble. She’s an officer who trains cadets and when she saw a picture of her boyfriend waving the flag on Canada Day she tweeted, “Proud of my boy.” I believe she was removed from the training camp she worked at, but I can’t verify this.

This is all because of rumors started by a couple of crabby babysitters who know nothing about Micmacs. The government officials were kowtowing to tweets from leftist extremists. I’m not sure what’s more embarrassing, that Canada’s leaders cower in fear of teenagers’ tweets or that we thoughtlessly humiliate men who are willing to die for us. What kind of soldier or sailor WOULDN’T go to a rally next door that was devoted to attacking his country? What kind of serviceman wouldn’t at least question such an act? Probably the same kind of guy who crawls up the ranks in the Canadian military and shits on his own men at the first sign of trouble.

So, I have started a petition. Please go to and sign it. I’m confident we can get between 10K and 20K signatures, and when we do, I will fly to Halifax and personally deliver it to Rear Admiral John Newton of the Royal Canadian Navy. Canada is an incredible country and the people who fight and die for it deserve a little respect.

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