Sam Francis on H. P. Lovecraft

September 25, 2009

Multiple Pages

Many Takimag readers might be interested to learn that Chronicles has put on its website Sam Francis’ review of S. T. Joshi’s biography of H. P. Lovecraft, from the May 1997 issue.  Each of Sam’s essays for Chronicles was a delight, but this one is especially good, since Lovecraft is a writer Sam enjoyed and knew well.  It is a shame that Sam did not write more about the writers and movies he enjoyed, but we can at least be grateful that he wrote this review and his masterful analysis of The Godfather, also for Chronicles.  Those who are interested in Sam’s review may find it here.  (Thanks, too, to John Derbyshire, for starting this recent discussion of Lovecraft and for linking to Sam’s review at NRO).

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