Roundup of Europe’s Meltdown

September 25, 2011

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Roundup of Europe’s Meltdown

OK. Things are heating up in the old continent after a boiling summer. October will be the cruelest month, as the poet didn’t exactly say, but it might also be crunch time. Europeans seem more sophisticated than the parochial, law-abiding, taxpaying suckers in the good old US of A, but they’re no better than the pompous, self-proclaimed elite within the Beltway. Multiculturalism (human rights for those who don’t respect others’ human rights), high taxation, and open borders are what the bureaucrooks in Brussels are all about. So what is there to say about the old continent, except that it’s a rotten ship ready to sink unless Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has triplets? (It will ensure Nicolas Sarkozy’s reelection next year). Talk about a gang that can’t shoot straight.

Earlier this year, a failed asylum-seeker in England who claimed to be a lesbian won an injunction against deportation. A Ugandan illegal, she said she would face persecution in her homeland for seeking sexual solace with women. A judge, however, ruled that she wasn’t a lesbian after all and was to be removed from the green and pleasant (just joking) land of England. But the decision was overturned by a higher court that ruled she still “could be suspected of being Sapphic,” a word that the Ugandan did not comprehend. She remains in Britain on benefits, as does a man from Togo who has committed numerous crimes against women and children but claims that in Togo he’s a no-no, hence a possible victim.

“I don’t understand why European governments and courts continue to indulge this scum.”

How do you run a country when well-known criminals with records claim persecution back home and are allowed to stay in Europe thanks to the EU Human Rights Act’s unelected judges? When I was busted at Heathrow Airport 27 years ago for carrying two grams of cocaine in my pocket, I was warned I could be deported after serving my four-month sentence in one of Britain’s toughest prisons. The Home Secretary at the time waived the rule because of my previous exemplary conduct—not even the proverbial parking ticket in either continent—so I was allowed to stay and did not need to appeal. The great Maggie Thatcher told me years later that although she was appalled to hear that I might be deported, she had done nothing about it. Rules were rules. But that was then, this is now.

Which brings me to Kelly Brook, a model whose figure—to borrow Raymond Chandler’s words—a bishop would smash in a priceless church stained-glass window to peek at. Kelly is a naughty girl, and why not? A large poster of the Playboy model posing as a large-breasted angel was recently defaced by two young men because she pouted provocatively while thrusting her heaving chest in their direction. The poster was on the side of a London bus shelter. That is when Mohammed Hasnath and Muhammed Tahir went to work. They painted a burqa over her, telling the fuzz who arrested them that it was a sin for a woman to be uncovered in public. They paid a small fine and were set free. Muslims regularly deface posters in Europe with impunity on decency grounds. Hasnath said to the hacks covering the case that if non-Muslims were to look at their women in a lascivious manner, blood would be spilled. That, of course, does not stop the myriad Saudi and Kuwaiti kleptocrats who have overrun Britain to ogle white women and send their pimps over to try and pick them up. What is good for Mohammed Bouf Kaka does not apply to John Q. Smith.

Hasnah and Tahir remind me of those Victorian women who used to cover up table legs lest they get men horny. Muslims in Europe now feel free to impose Sharia customs and laws into our society. There are areas in all major British cities which boast of “Sharia-Controlled Zones.” Hard to believe, but true. In France, especially in the northern working-class suburbs of Paris, the situation is even worse. I don’t understand why European governments and courts continue to indulge this scum. If I made a homosexual joke in any of the magazines I write for in Europe, I’d be fired quicker than you can say, “Christopher Street.” Yet Muslim preachers are allowed to scream abuse at gays daily and ask the faithful to behead them.

It is the same philosophy that permits Serena Williams to abuse umpires and linesmen in the US Open and call a Greek female umpire “unattractive.” (She then thought it over and added the word “inside.”) If I were any member of the Williams family, I’d keep the “u” word—as in “unattractive”—away from my vocabulary. Any white player would have been heavily fined or suspended; Williams was fined 2,000 devalued greenbacks, a sum she spends on bubble gum for her and her entourage per week.

These were some light anecdotes about the sinking old continent (plus one about the sinking new continent) and how unelected EU officials and judges have turned the old lady into a laughingstock for the…Chinese.

Now we come to money. Europe is totally broke except for the Germans, who finally have the opportunity to take over the continent without a single Wehrmacht grenadier being killed. If the euro is to survive, the Germans will have to bail out the rest of the countries. The price will be for Germany to take sufficient control over the indebted countries. Personally I’d be delighted, but there are others with long memories. Politically, there is no hope that a fiscal union would save the euro. Yet the bureaucrooks that run the EU insist on it. Again, I’d love to see the euro disappear as long as those lunch-bucket pilferers and smiling wallet-lifters who run Brussels disappear with it. But it ain’t gonna happen. The bureaucrooks married a whore—the EU—and dragged her down to their level. It was a good idea back in 1957. A trade agreement. Then the crooks decided the idiotic people were too stupid to see what they were doing—a dictatorship of bureaucrooks—and you know the rest. Have a good autumn.

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