Religion, Perversion, and Whiteness

January 28, 2013

I’m reasonably sure that if a white Baptist minister gave a male infant a fatal case of herpes by sucking on his penis, it would have been a bigger national story than, well, the story of a rabbi who gave a male infant a fatal case of herpes by sucking on his penis. I also suspect that if a Catholic bishop had been trafficking in human organs, the story would have had a lot more traction. My guts also tell me that if it had been a priest rather than a rabbi (or another rabbi…or another rabbi…or another rabbi…or another rabbi…or another rabbi…or another rabbi…or another rabbi…or another rabbi…or nearly a hundred Orthodox Brooklyn Jews), you likely would have heard a lot more squawking in the news about all those cases of clerical pedophilia. After all, those cases are multiplying like…like…well, like rabbis! Maybe part of the reason for such stories’ relative obscurity is that certain segments of the Jewish community appear to enforce a much more stringent snitches-are-bitches-who-get-stitches policy than do large swaths of the Catholic world.

But then, maybe I’m an anti-Semite. There’s always that excuse, right?

To make yet another effulgent and frankly tasteless display of my hyper-tolerant and blamelessly ecumenical soul, I will not refrain from tsk-tsking the near-institutional level of pederasty in the Islamic world, the existence of anti-white Muslim rape gangs in England, not to mention (although I’m getting ready to mention it right here) the Prophet’s severely underage child bride. Just as I went hopping across lily pads from one pervy rabbi to another, I will not shy away from noting that one imam after the next (after the next…after the next…after the next) has been nabbed for illegally sampling what I shall discreetly refer to as “hummus fashioned from chickpeas that have yet to ripen.”

And none of this is meant to exonerate Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, nor the leaders of those multitudinous minor-league religions commonly disparaged as mere cults. In a sincerely general and, yes, ecumenical way, I caution you not to blindly trust anyone who claims they know God personally. In far too many cases, these types turn out to be nothing more than weirdos who want to get in your pants.

As a lapsed Catholic and someone who’d be a card-carrying agnostic if only they issued cards, I’m not convinced that any one religious creed predisposes someone toward sex crimes more than any other. But as someone who’s an occasional critic of modern culture, I am fascinated that when the major media cast an eager spotlight on Sexual Improprieties of the Religious Kind, they focus almost exclusively on non-Jewish white male Christians.

Despite the ultimately tedious cut-and-paste digital-graffiti SPAMmin’ mania of the “anti-racist is code for anti-white” guys (after the 100,000th time, we GET it!—knock it OFF!), the major media and academia’s selective application of the word “racism” gives ample credence to their message. Only a fool or a paid mouthpiece would deny that white “racism” gets played up at the expense of all other kinds.

And as I’ve graciously and dutifully demonstrated, perverts come in all faiths and colors. How, then, to explain the selective focus on white Christian pervs? I posit, however delusionally, that beneath all the religious vestments may be lurking some real ethnic/genetic tribal conflict.

Is it merely an accident that the terms “Christendom” and “the Occident” used to be nearly synonymous? It all starts to feel like an expansive and possibly intentional modern form of blood libel. Maybe I’m only having a religious vision, but I’m starting to notice that slowly and insidiously, “anti-Christian” seems as if it’s becoming code for anti-white.


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