Relief for the Phobiaphobic

December 04, 2012

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Relief for the Phobiaphobic

For right-wingers, November proved to be the cruelest month in quite some time.

The Kenyan Klepto won the White House again. Speaking of democracy: Here in Toronto, our most conservative mayor in living memory—one elected in what passes these days for a landslide—was kicked out of office by a lone (lefty) judge for the crime of using the wrong stationery.

Rush Limbaugh (!) inched closer to endorsing amnesty, and the UN recognized “Palestine.” (What next? Narnia?)

There was one bright spot: Those of us suffering from chronic phobiaphobia learned that a cure was in reach.

The Associated Press announced that it was cutting the words “homophobia” and “Islamophobia” out of its gold-standard stylebook.

AP Deputy Standards Editor Dave Minthorn explained:

‘Homophobia’ especially—it’s just off the mark. It’s ascribing a mental disability to someone, and suggests a knowledge that we don’t have. It seems inaccurate. Instead, we would use something more neutral: anti-gay, or some such, if we had reason to believe that was the case.

Pedantic geezers around the nation could practically be heard muttering, “Gee, thanks for coming out.” We’ve been thanklessly making this same argument since forever: The idea that we’re “afraid” of gays is laughable, but more importantly, allowing the elites to categorize unpopular opinions as mental illnesses is the sort of Stalinesque junk science that criminalizes common sense and ruins lives.

“Allowing the elites to categorize unpopular opinions as mental illnesses is the sort of Stalinesque junk science that criminalizes common sense and ruins lives.”

For our troubles, we’ve been denounced as bigoted boors.

Take Canadian radio host and relentless pest Kari Sampson, who took on the Vancouver School Board for letting the word “homophobia” get slung around at public meetings. Cleverly cloaking a conservative argument in fluent “left-ese,” she wrote to the Chair:

The terms “homophobe”, “homophobic” and “homophobia” are well-known hateful words, typically rooted in bigotry or ignorance and used to target, demean and bully into silence and compliance individuals and/or groups opposed to the public dissemination of false and propagandist information related to homosexuality and other allegedly “fluid” sexual determinations.

Sampson then raised the bar, demanding that the provincial Ministry of Education itself stop using the term, too. Apparently, this one-woman semantic jujutsu master has made her mark. Those damn liberals are right: One person can make a difference, provided they can withstand the abuse from their “tolerant” opponents.

So “homophobia,” while not quite dead yet, is certainly in the hospice, wrapped in a red ribbon quilt. Let’s call it a priapic victory.

“Islamophobia” will prove a tougher demon to exorcise. After all, as annoying as they are, angry gays (unless they’re serial killers) typically limit themselves to direct or indirect suicide. Pissed-off Muslims vastly outnumber homosexuals (not incidentally because they keep killing them) and aren’t averse to murdering others to get their own way.

It’s not true that the powerful Muslim Brotherhood invented this ingenious variation on “xenophobia,” which automatically raises every dumb white infidel’s guilty feelings to bell-ringing levels. And when it works, it’s the Muslim who wins the prize in the form of everything from generous if unnecessary “security infrastructure” grants to virtual “get out of jail free” cards.

(And let’s face it: Muslims have always been jealous of the Jews.)

According to one source, the word’s origin is more sinister: Mullahs in post-revolutionary Iran cooked it up to describe women who refused to wear headscarves. It’s an Islamic variation on the communists’ “counterrevolutionary” concept:

In fact, far from designating any racism, the word ‘Islamophobia’ was clearly designed to discredit those who resist fundamentalists: starting with feminists and liberal Muslims.

At least gays can point (limp-wristedly) to actual, often fatal, incidents of “homophobia,” although they’re considerably less vocal when the perps are Muslims (or other gays).

“Islamophobia,” though, is the Bigfoot of hate crimes. The few fleeting glimpses we get almost always turn out to be hoaxes.

One of the most recent also happens to be one of the most galling.

Earlier this year, the body of a young Muslim mother of five was found in her San Diego home. She’d been bludgeoned to death. A note beside her body read, “Go back to your country, you terrorist.”

“What is happening is San Diego?” cried this gormless kaffir at The Daily Beast, claiming there had been “a disturbing increase in anti-Muslim incidents” in the area.

Shaima Alawadi’s murder quickly trended on Twitter, and The New York Times took note. The family’s lawyer wantonly speculated that the killer was “an Islamophobic veteran” living in what is, after all, a “military town.” A Facebook campaign vowed that Muslims and non-Muslims alike would don “One Million Hijabs for Shaima,” who was pictured wearing a headscarf in all family photos released to the media.

Then last month, Shaima’s husband was arrested for her murder. Oops.

Best part of the story?

Mr. Alawadi worked for the US Army in that “military town” as a “cultural advisor” to soldiers heading to the Middle East.

Since we have evidence (albeit flimsy) that the liberal media elites really do listen to us (even if they’d never admit it), here’s an APB for the AP: If you’re looking for a word to describe how sane, well-informed individuals feel about uppity gays and belligerent Muslims, simply replace the “-phobia” suffix with the far more accurate “-nausea.”

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