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Race: Real and Surreal

March 23, 2012

Jared Taylor kept his talk short and his message clear. Imagine Ward Cleaver wiping off the Beaver’s bloody nose while gently explaining why so many blacks and Mexicans have moved into the neighborhood—that’s Jared Taylor. He is sure that race is a reality and that humans possess a tribal nature which draws them to those most like themselves. This also provokes an instinctive dislike of diversity. Left to their own devices, he says, humans tend to congregate along racial fault lines. In order to eliminate ethnic strife, Taylor advocates total freedom of association that would allow Americans to homogenize—or mix—as they see fit.

Richard Lynn‘s monotone British accent is as chilling as the icy logic of his studies on human intelligence. With no hint of emotion, he explained how the West’s dysgenic deterioration is inevitable. Lynn cites the influx of low-IQ immigrants from the Southern Hemisphere and the low fertility rates among high-IQ populations in the Northern Hemisphere as the primary causes of diminishing intelligence in America, Canada, and Europe. Convinced that IQ correlates with moral character, he says this explains the steady increase in crime and illegitimacy. Even more depressing, he sees no end in sight. Our culture’s machinery will fall apart in the hands of imbeciles. In the coming centuries, Lynn concluded, “the torch of civilization will pass from Europeans to the Chinese.” Polite applause and tense silence followed.

After we dined on a delicious banquet of asparagus and the other white meat, the infamous Guillaume Faye proceeded to rally his “brothers in arms” with lunatic facial contortions, spastic gesticulations, and a French accent so thick, a cannonball could float on it. Faye derides the modern concept of “citizens of the world” as an egalitarian delusion sown by elites. In his wild imagination, the near future will see such artificial alliances dissolve and “ethnopolitics will replace geopolitics.” The whites of North America, Europe, and Northern Asia will be forced to consolidate into a seething blob of pallid homogeneity—a pan-European Frankenstein’s monster facing torches and pitchforks in a mounting clash of civilizations. In the end, he says whites will prevail. “Good blood cannot lie,” he tells us. “Vive l’Amérique!” Another standing ovation.

Driving home was like waking up from a disturbing dream, but AmRen was no more surreal than another ethnocentric gathering I’d attended the night before. The “Royal Comedy Tour” featured black comedians telling off-color jokes about other black people to a belly-laughing black audience.

The show’s headliner, a man who calls himself Earthquake, discussed his recent trip to Africa, where he learned, “I ain’t got no Africa left in me!” He mocked African natives’ skin—“Goddamn, put some lotion on yo’ ass!”—then questioned the race-baiting Al Sharpton: “How you be a Reverend without a church? Where yo’ congregation, on the Internet?”

The next day I read this stunning comment on a local news website and laughed hysterically:

These “people” should not be allowed to live in the regular population, the state should make them live in a community by themselves and surround it with a massive concrete wall with only one entrance and exit which US Soldiers will stand guard to make sure none exit it illegally. Similar to a prison or reservation.

This would be considered Nazi hate speech if it was about racial minorities. But it was directed toward the white folks at American Renaissance. Are “race realists” so evil that they should be rounded up and locked away?

I don’t buy it. American Renaissance attendees are not the trash-talking thugs who constantly bubble up to the surface of white identity. I met talented white people having an educated discussion about how great it is to be educated, talented, and white—such discussions are what the SPLC calls “hate speech.”

The worst I can say about these guys is that their scientific conclusions are a bit hasty and their separatist undertones run up against the desert island quandary:

If you had to be stranded with only one person, would you choose a white sociopath or an empathic Asian? A white retard or an Indian intellectual? An acne-encrusted white chick or a Nubian princess with a bangin’ badonkadonk?

The best choices are obvious to anyone but a racial purist. Fortunately, that’s their problem, not mine. Too bad the totalitarians of tolerance can’t understand that.


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