Proud Boys Declare Victory in Berkeley

April 20, 2017

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Proud Boys Declare Victory in Berkeley

On Saturday we held a rally in Berkeley to promote free speech. We knew there would be trouble so we came prepared to fight. We sang, “Glory, glory, hallelujah!” They played Public Enemy. We were disarmed by the police. They were armed to the teeth. We won.

The rally was called “Patriots Day” and featured the tagline “Punk’s Not Dead It’s Conservative.” The speakers included Lauren Southern, Based Stickman, Baked Alaska, Latina for Trump Irma Hinojosa, and Brittany Pettibone. At least ten groups were there to make sure the talk happened, including Oath Keepers, the Three Percenters, American Civil Defense, L.A. Coalition for Trump, Blacks for Trump, 2 Million Bikers, Vets for Trump, Berkeley College Republicans, OC College Republicans, Democrats for Trump, and our own Proud Boys, who picked up Lauren from her hotel, surrounded her all day, and escorted her home after the riot.

“This wasn’t just a battle in the war. It was a tectonic shift in the culture. ”

The guests spoke about the importance of free speech and suggested that neo-Marxism is more than just an annoying fashion trend—it’s a scourge that has infected our schools, our media, and our government. The attendees were not white supremacists. They were American citizens of all races who love this country and hate the fascist dogma of the left. Communists have killed 100 million people. Muslims are planning to kill people right now. Black nationalists are doing it. Black nationalist Muslims are the worst of both worlds. However, white nationalists—no—white people who don’t hate themselves are the problem. This backwards logic died on April 15, 2017.

Among the protesters who arrived at the rally was a filthy-rich porn star known online as #Moldylocks. She came looking for “100 Nazi scalps” and left with a punch in the face. Her boyfriend abandoned her as soon as the going got rough and they both ended up in the ER. She was a beautiful young woman but discovered the antifa movement and realized there’s no need to be a housewife when you can just make hirsute porn (don’t click the link NSFW). When feminists are free to do whatever they want, they tend to choose the job any woman on earth can do. A hideous man who thinks he’s a woman was also at the event. He does porn where similarly repulsive beasts slap his moobs with a paddle (again, don’t click NSFW). This is who we are up against. They don’t want to debate. They want to destroy. They have created a straw man and that straw man needs to be punished for the fictional crimes he has committed until society suffers so much decay, the freaks appear normal. As they said recently after hospitalizing fellow Proud Boy Tommy, “neo-nazis are not to be debated with but rather pushed out of any community or scene. If someone’s beliefs are based of the oppression of others that belief poses a bigger threat to our society than the discomfort or pain experienced by those who hold them.” That article neglects to mention that Tommy hospitalized two of his attackers. 

There is a culture war going on, and it’s apoplectic idiots with nothing to say vs. perfectly sane people who want everyone to have their say. Our world includes them. They can go have a talk about how Nazis are lurking around every corner and Trump is Hitler. We won’t “shut it down,” as Yvette Felarca brags. Their world doesn’t include us. They don’t tolerate Nazis, and by Nazis they mean anyone who doesn’t take their radical views seriously. If you think there are two genders (as doctors do), if you don’t support gay marriage (over a third of Americans oppose it), if you think illegal aliens are illegal (as the law does), if you think women are different from men (as reality does), you are a Nazi and you need to be punched in the face. This kind of harassment works for a while. Sane people aren’t looking for trouble. We have jobs and we want peace and quiet after a hard day’s work. However, when you burn down a gay immigrant’s talk because you think he’s a homophobic xenophobe, we start to question your cause. When professors need a neck brace after trying to escape a talk that was already shut down, we begin to wonder what you’re thinking. When pedophiles start telling us what to do, we begin to question their morals. When feminists embrace Sharia, we begin to consider the possibility that none of these people have any idea what they’re doing. Then, when breathtakingly gorgeous intellectuals get maced for daring to question the anarchist narrative, we begin to get angry. This is where we are. We’re angry. And you’re not going to like us when we’re angry.

So, on April 15, when hundreds of patriots showed up to wave flags, support Trump, and hear other patriots speak, they were mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. Sure, they tolerated being disarmed by police as they entered. They recognized this was not the boys in blue doing this out of spite but a bunch of poor bastards following the orders of bean-shaped mayor Jesse Arreguin, who wants chaos so he can continue his war on Trump. He has admitted as much and told local news he wouldn’t invite Milo back because “the response was violent…and we need to balance…the right of free speech with the need to preserve public safety” (at about 6:00 in the link). After we were disarmed, the police must have had orders to stand down because they completely vanished. Soon after, the protesters surrounded the event and formed a moat of human filth around us so we could not get out. The speeches went on despite M-80s and rocks being thrown at the crowd. Then, when it was time to leave, something drastic happened. Instead of waiting for the police to come back, the crowd began fighting their way out. When they found an opening, they sent their women home and stayed to fight. Patriots beat the protesters mercilessly while dodging rocks and bricks and mace. It’s worth noting we didn’t throw the rocks back. We just tossed them aside. We were also the only ones with volunteer medics to help the injured. They didn’t care what happened to their guys. Our side knocked over barricades and stole the anarchists’ flag. We sent the brats running and took back Berkeley. More important, we took back the culture. This wasn’t just a battle in the war. It was a tectonic shift in the culture. Antifa themselves have begun quitting in droves and publishing letters to their fellow revolutionaries asking, “Are you sure we’re the good guys?”

Since then, Moldylocks and the rest of the antibourgeois bourgeois are trying to spin the story. They claim they were just peace-loving protesters needlessly attacked. Moldy told CBS she was sucker punched out of nowhere, but we were there. We saw her “draw first blood,” as Rambo would say. Leftist propaganda is done because we know the truth, and the truth is they’ve all been lying. Alexis de Tocqueville recognized that democracy was much less efficient than aristocratic society, but when the people finally do get off their asses and fight, nothing can stop them. This is where we’re at. The momentum has finally hit its stride and nothing can stop it now.

On April 27, Ann Coulter is scheduled to speak at Berkeley. Proud Boys will be surrounding her at all times. Mayor Bean is likely to let the Gremlins attack the venue so he can prove that free speech is dangerous. We will be there to beat them back. If they cancel the talk altogether, we will also have won because we will have shown the rest of the country that the First Amendment doesn’t apply to the birthplace of free speech. It’s a win-win and for those of us tired of winning, this is getting downright exhausting.

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