Muslim Brotherhood: Bummers of the Revolution

February 07, 2011

Progressives don’t typically support cultural or religious colonialism, which is why they don’t trumpet the fact that Muslim Brotherhood leaders have openly expressed a desire to “take control of Europe” or that they issued a memorandum stating that their “work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house…so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

Progressives claim to adamantly support women’s rights and gay rights, but they don’t flinch at the hijabs and honor killings and clitoridectomies and public stonings for sodomy. They see no irony in the fact that a push for “freedom” is being assayed by fanatical adherents of a religion whose very name means “submission.” They don’t point out the fact that the Islamic definition of “equality” excludes all non-Muslims and even female Muslims, who by definition can’t belong to a “Brotherhood.” They remain silent at the ongoing brutal mass lynchings of Christians throughout the Islamic world. They don’t want to be thought of as “paranoid” and ponder the possibility that these Islamists are only using “democracy” as a Trojan horse with which to seize power and institute Sharia Law. These well-meaning but fatally deluded mini-Neville Chamberlains seem to hate Western culture so much, they’ll swallow a bucketful of contradictions that would make a normal person vomit.

So exactly how progressive and moderate is Egypt’s Muslim population? A Pew survey released in December showed that a trifling 95% of Egyptian Muslims thought it a “good” thing for Islam to play a “large” role in politics. Roughly four out of five said they favored stoning adulterers, whipping and dismembering thieves, and the death penalty for any believer who dares to abandon Islam. Yeah, they sound like just the sort of snarky kids who’d fit right in at a Huffington Post editorial pool party.

Only a few days ago, progressives were scoffing at the idea that the Muslim Brotherhood would play a significant role in post-Mubarak politics. But over the weekend, the Egyptian government—after decades of banning their existence—began openly negotiating with the Brotherhood about their role in a transitional government. About an hour ago, the Brotherhood were the subject of the top two stories on Google News. One article focused on Obama’s strategies for dealing with them, the other with Hillary Clinton’s.

The Brotherhood has arrived. In Egypt at least, the girl named Sharia now has a confirmed date to the prom. While most of the West has very little shared identity beyond a dispirited sense of aimless self-loathing, the Middle East is rapidly morphing into the Extreme East. Entire nations grind their foreheads into the ground while prostrating themselves before the idea of an insecure, vain God who can’t live without constant praise. But despite their shared delusion, they’re all on the same page while we stumble in the darkness, looking for a notepad. And the best our “enlightened” squawkboxes can tell us is, “Don’t worry—be dhimmi.”

The West may soon tolerate itself into oblivion. Alarmists and scaremongers are annoying enough. But far more dangerous are those who condescendingly tell you not to worry when you’re actually in serious trouble. I’d eagerly feed such people like raw meat to Islam’s hungry, roaring lions.

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