Multicultural Meltdown

January 29, 2015

A week ago, a friend of mine was savagely mugged by two Somalis who took it upon themselves to smash him in the face with knuckle-dusters, break his nose, and rob him. Whether illegal immigrants or asylum seekers, they would have come to Britain in search of an easier life or richer pickings. They have found both. For we are the ones who pay taxes to house and clothe them, who must do battle to be understood, who must accept their presence without so much as a murmur or a protest. The political elite presented mass immigration as a fait accompli and diversity as a good thing. To question the orthodoxy was to be unenlightened and beyond the pale, to be irredeemably right-wing.

Look about you. That mass immigration has not enriched us, and diversity has not ensured we are an easier and more comfortable nation, is clear. Instead we see our values corroded, our patience tested, our basic tolerance and sense of fair play taken advantage of and mocked.

So, do I believe in witchcraft, or that men can turn themselves into bats and fly? Perhaps I should just go with the flow and accept that Britain is inexorably being dragged back to the dark ages. All in the name of multiculturalism; all for the benefit of our newest citizens, who see no need or reason to adopt our ways. We gain so much from our dynamic fragmented culture, we are constantly informed. The left would say that. Few mention what we have lost. But mark my words. Those who today smash in our faces with knuckle-dusters will tomorrow be firing at us with rocket-propelled grenades.

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