Let the Colleges Die

November 20, 2017

It’s why a Jewish progressive can be driven off campus permanently by howling mobs calling him a Nazi merely because he had some ideological problems with a “Day of Absence” where white students and faculty were advised to stay off campus for a day.

American colleges are taking in children who’ve been indoctrinated by pop culture and the dismal, brain-squashing death march of the public-school system to such a degree that when they enter the university system, a full fifth of them think that it’s morally acceptable to use violence to prevent someone with whom you disagree from even opening their mouths on campus. Two-fifths of them are under the delusion that the First Amendment doesn’t protect “hate speech.” And a majority of them see nothing wrong with screaming like someone whose clitoris has just been lopped off with a rusty blade in order to “shut down” anyone whose ideas upset them.

And what makes me want to perform the clitoridectomies myself—without anesthesia—is the fact that my tax dollars are helping to bankroll this madness. I’m paying the government to train people to hate people such as me. I work 365 days a year and have been doing so for nearly a decade. Your average American teacher works about half the year—on my dime.

American colleges no longer bother to even pretend that they’re teaching students how to think. Instead, their noble mission is making sure that every last trace of a dissident thought is mercilessly shotgunned out of their students’ brains before unleashing them into a world where they have trouble tying their own shoes without doubling their normal dose of antidepressants.

So let the colleges die. Let the teachers—almost to the last gender-fluid one of them an Armchair Marxist who fetishizes the “working class” from afar—learn what it’s really like to earn a living.

For grade school and high school, hire teachers who know how to keep their personal ideology out of the classroom. Have them act like boot-camp sergeants in drilling the three Rs into kids’ soft little skulls.

The current yearly average cost for a college education runs from about $10K for state residents at public colleges to a little over $30K for public colleges.

For about a thousand bucks, you can buy a cheap laptop and an internet connection for a year. And if you’re remotely intelligent and inquisitive and motivated, you can find all the knowledge the world has to offer online. We need more autodidacts and fewer casualties of collegiate indoctrination.

The only intelligent thing to do with modern American colleges is to get rid of them.

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