Let Every Taboo Fall

August 05, 2017

People who would like to commit incest but are inhibited by the legal prohibition of it must live in a state of permanent frustration, and there is nothing worse or more dangerous than frustration. Blake told us that it is better that a baby should be strangled in its cradle than that anyone should nurse a desire that he has not acted upon. Think of all the harm, then, that is done by frustrated incest!

Let us turn now to necrophilia: another victimless crime. Who is really harmed by it? The corpse is no longer a person, and so is beyond harm. The relatives of the deceased might object, but, at least in English law, no one has ownership rights over a corpse; in any case, the relatives’ distress, if they experience any, would be the result of pure unthinking prejudice, which it is the duty of government to eliminate from the hearts and minds of the population. And surely it is better that corpses after death should provide pleasure to someone than simply be disposed of as quickly as possible, as if they were merely useless. What better tribute, indeed, could there be to the dead?

Once the incestuous and necrophiliacs have been liberated from the stigma that has pursued them down the ages, there will be other groups to liberate, as there are other fish to fry. The work of human liberation from the accumulated irrational taboos of the past must continue, until that glorious day when there are no limits at all.

But when it arrives, my life will continue on its even path…

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