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Kids Make Stupid Decisions

January 09, 2017

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Kids Make Stupid Decisions

It is with a perverse sort of glee that I can announce we’ve finally found a violent anti-white attack where the media and law can no longer deny it was motivated by anti-white hatred.

I find it severely depressing that it took a grisly video—which the perps livestreamed on Facebook, for fuck’s sake—where four blacks torture an eighteen-year-old schizophrenic bound-and-gagged male while repeatedly taunting him for being white—that finally forced the media and law to grudgingly admit that, yeah, OK, well, we guess that black people can commit violent “hate crimes” against white people too, goddamnit.

Oh, they tried denying it at first—hoo-lawdy, did they try!—but the videotaped evidence was too much to deny. They will proceed to ignore it, just as they’ve done with thousands of similar attacks over the past few generations, but their boilerplate Narrative of Denial collapsed quickly because to deny what was happening on this video would be to publicly announce to the world that you’re a liar, and a bad one at that.

Police claim that on New Year’s Eve, family members dropped off 18-year-old Austin Hillbourn at a McDonald’s in the Chicago suburbs. Hillbourn is white and has allegedly been diagnosed with schizophrenia and attention-deficit disorder. Sometime that night, 18-year-old Jordan Hill—a popular black student at Hillbourn’s high school whom relatives say Hillbourn “idolized”—picked him up in a stolen van. Over the next two nights, Hill forced Hillbourn to sleep in the van under freezing Chicago temperatures while Hill visited friends. On Tuesday the pair met up in a West Chicago apartment with 18-year-old Tesfaye Cooper (an aspiring rapper who goes by the handle “PBG HotHead”) and the Covington sisters—Brittany (18) and Tanishia (24).

“On the video, the term ‘special needs’ isn’t mentioned once. The word ‘white’ is mentioned several times.”

Over the course of what police estimate to be five or six hours, the quartet of blacks forced an obviously terrified Hillbourn to drink water straight from a toilet, bound and gagged him, punched and kicked him, sliced off part of his scalp (and when they noticed blood, one of them joked that “he leakin’!”), put out cigarettes on his head, and repeatedly threatened to murder him—all while laughing their jolly drunken asses off.

During the half-hour or so of the torture that these four numskulls were supremely stupid enough to livestream on Facebook, they make several explicitly racial comments that point to racial hatred as a motive far more than all the recently overhyped Trayvons and Fergusons and Baltimores and Baton Rouges combined—with the stark difference being that white people aren’t rioting and burning cities, at least not yet.

In fact, I can’t seem to recall evidence of any racial motivation in any of those cases, at least as it pertains to recorded statements from the perpetrators. Kindly correct me if I’m wrong. But in this Chicago kidnapping/torture case, the perpetrators mention race over and over and over.

Sample comments uttered by this dusky quartet of blockheads as recorded by their own dumb hands:

Fuck Donald Trump, nigga! Fuck white people, boy! Fuck white people, boy!

This nigga right here—he represents Trump.

His ass deserve it. His ass from Europe.

400 years done stopped two years ago.

If he sit in the sun all day, he will perish. If he sit in the sun all day, he gonna die.

His ass a parasite. He a bug. Literally. He don’t belong on this earth.

Goof-ass white man.

The media apologists for such events at Salon and The New York Times tried running a deflection move and claimed that if this was indeed a “hate crime”—I HATE that term—it was motivated by a hatred for the disabled rather than a hatred of white people because, well, as you all know, the latter is scientifically impossible. On Thursday, a Chicago police spokesman also claimed that Hillbourn was assaulted due to his “special needs” rather than his race.

But on the video, the term “special needs” isn’t mentioned once. The word “white” is mentioned several times.

There was also an initial screaming reluctance to label this a “hate crime,” most flagrantly demonstrated in this stultifyingly dumb comment by Chicago Police Department Commander Kevin Duffin during a news conference on Wednesday:

Although they’re young adults, they’re 18. Kids make stupid decisions. I shouldn’t call them kids. They’re legally adults, but they’re young adults and they make stupid decisions.

Kids make stupid decisions? I think that’s what’s known in the PR biz as “lowballin’ it.” This soft-pedaling approach was echoed by CNN’s Don Lemon, who blamed the whole sordid affair on “bad home training.”

When the backlash to these and similar comments proved to be too strong to keep the narrative afloat, both the media and Chicago authorities succumbed and said it was a “hate crime.” On Friday, all four perps were charged with hate crimes as well as a slew of other criminal offenses. Even the moon-pie-faced squawking choco-harpy Symone Sanders—the former Bernie Sanders campaign spokesnegress who in November said, “Oh, my goodness, poor white people!” when confronted with the fact that video evidence shows in November, a white man in Chicago had been dragged out of a car and beaten by blacks while an onlooker called him “one of them white boy Trump guys”—finally capitulated and said what happened to Austin Hillbourn was a “hate crime.”

Apparently panicking in the face of such rapid narrative collapse, the Chicago Tribune quickly belched out an article about how, according to FBI statistics, white-on-black “hate crimes” are still more common than the inverse.

But the problem with such stats is a firm cultural and apparently legal reluctance to call any black-on-white violence a “hate crime,” no matter how strong the evidence is that racial animus was at least partial motivation. Americans know who Dylann Roof is but not Omar Thornton. They remember Rodney King but not Reginald Denny. They’re familiar with the murder of Emmett Till—which happened in 1955—but not the much more gruesome murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, which happened in 2007.

If you remove the very notion of “hate crime” from interracial violence in America and examine the actual stats, an entirely different picture emerges.

According to Department of Justice statistics analyzed by Heather Mac Donald regarding the years 2012 and 2013, blacks are the attackers in 84.9% of violent crimes between blacks and whites. Given differences in population sizes, a black is 27 times more likely to violently attack a white than the inverse. And I’ve already documented how ludicrously lopsided the interracial rape stats are.

So I suspect that the very notion of “hate crimes,” especially as funneled through an egregious double standard that dictates nonwhites are incapable of even committing them, may be a very sneaky and cynical deflection from stark statistical realities about interracial violence.

The videotaped evidence of the Chicago kidnapping/torture reveals beyond a whisper of a doubt that the perps were, if not exactly “kids,” extremely stupid. Droolingly stupid. So stupid it seems miraculous that they even knew how to use Facebook for long enough to incriminate themselves. They appear to be possibly even dumber than the bricks that were apparently smashed into their heads and made them this dumb in the first place.

But how dumb was Austin Hillbourn to idolize a black thug who clearly didn’t idolize him? How severely naïve was he to get in the stolen van that night? Kids make stupid decisions, and on New Year’s Eve at that McDonald’s in the Chicago burbs, Austin Hillbourn made the dumbest decision of his life.

Fear has its place. A little bit of fear would have served Austin Hillbourn well. Perhaps his childlike acceptance of someone who wished him harm was part of his mental condition.

But what’s clear is that his attackers had no fear. And that may be part of a much bigger problem—the fact that no one seems afraid of white people anymore.

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