High Life

In ‘Vogue’

April 01, 2017

Personally, I have nothing against fashion editors except for their arrogance. Arrogance befits a field marshal like von Runstedt, or a general like George Patton, but a fashion moll? Call the ambulance. And while we’re on the subject of phonies and hypocrites, there was an art convention in Qatar where the nerdy, jerky publisher of The New York Times spoke about his fears that his country is losing its civil liberties. Sulzberger, I imagine, is the type who does yoga with his wife but would most likely pass if someone goosed her in a crowded room. But I love the idea of mentioning freedom in Qatar, where there are Nepalese and Indian workers who have not been paid in months and have no rights of appeal. The Qataris picked up the bill for the American con men posing as art lovers, hence the speeches about freedom and the brotherhood of man. What surprises me is that the ruling Qatari gang has now spread its poisoning tentacles in the New World, starting with The New York Times. “They are easier to bribe than the English aristocracy” was the way a Qatari gang member put it. (Actually, I just made up the quote, but it’s as close to the truth as any made-up quote can be.)

Otherwise, everything’s hunky-dory. I am heading for the Big Bagel, because looking at cows takes its toll after a while. It’s springtime for Trump and America, and I plan to write a play with that title. All prospective investors are welcome—you are all bound to be enriched beyond your wildest dreams of avarice. It’s springtime for The Donald and the USA. Hooray!

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