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Hunting the Domestic Polar Bear

November 25, 2013

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Hunting the Domestic Polar Bear

Why has the American media suddenly snapped out of a self-induced coma to pay attention to the Knockout Game? Gullible journos are acting as if it’s a spanking-new phenomenon that is sweeping the country, but the practice of black wolf packs cold-cocking pedestrians for cheap thrills has been going on for years. The only thing that’s sweeping the country is the media’s sudden willingness to talk about it. And not only are they talking, they’ve also dropped dog whistles such as “youths” and “teens” and are openly noting the assailants’ and victims’ race. What was the tipping point?

Some will quibble whether it’s actually a “game” or a “ritual”—they say calling it a “game” trivializes something that has led to several deaths—but it basically involves walking up to an unsuspecting individual and punching them hard enough to knock them unconscious. You’ve won the “game” if you knock out your target. Although typically only one member of a group throws the knockout punch—or they take turns until one of them sends the victim to sleep on a concrete bed—this game is almost always performed by packs of black males apparently seeking to impress one another. Whichever lucky individual delivers the knockout blow wins the crown of “Knockout King.” Robbery is hardly ever a motive. It appears to be done for fun, to establish ingroup status, and to send a clear message about who rules the streets. Throughout history, those who rule the streets have often served as the shock troops and enforcers for those who rule the nation. This isn’t some empty nihilistic ritual—it’s a highly political act of establishing dominance and marking one’s territory.

“Street animals are less likely to pounce on those who haven’t been entirely tamed.”

Mobs who prey upon the weak are nothing new, although the fact that it’s black mobs preying almost exclusively on non-blacks is a fairly recent historical wrinkle. Back in the 1980s the cases of Bernhard Goetz and the Central Park Jogger introduced America to the term “wilding” to describe self-orchestrated black group mayhem. Over the years, the more specific practice of sucker-punching an 80-year-old man to impress your 15-year-old friends has been called “One-Hitter Quitter,” “Catch and Wreck,” and “Point-em-out, Knock-em-out.”

In Illinois a spate of such attacks from around 2008-2010 was known among perps as “Polar Bear Hunting,” most likely because the victims were targeted for being white.

The Midwest appears to be America’s most fertile ground for the Knockout Game. In Columbia, MO, parking-lot surveillance video from 2009 shows a group of black attackers approaching a young white male and one of them creeping up from behind to fell him with one blow. The victim suffered whiplash, internal bleeding, and bruising of the brain.

In St. Louis, the game is more commonly referred to as “Knockout King,” with attacks going back as far as 2006. One judge allegedly claimed that a single individual was responsible for an estimated 300 such attacks. There was an infamous 2011 incident where the city’s mayor pulled up to the scene of a game of Knockout King as it was unfolding.

In April of 2011 a 72-year-old Vietnamese man in St. Louis was sucker-punched by a black male teen and fell to the ground, fatally cracking his head.

Last year it was proved fatal for a 20-year-old white college student in Minnesota and a 62-year-old Hispanic man in Chicago. This year it claimed the lives of a 72-year-old white man in Syracuse, NY and a 46-year-old homeless Hispanic man in New Jersey.

Over the past year or so there have been reports of Knockout Game attacks in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and as far away as London, where video captured one punch flattening a 16-year-old girl. And last week, perhaps in homage to the fact that the game is gaining national attention, there were six such attacks in New Haven, CT over a two-day period. An attack in San Diego last week may herald the Knockout Game’s arrival on the West Coast.

The “experts,” of course, are expertly clueless. Psychology professor Paul Boxer of Rutgers University calls the perps “impressionable kids” who are running around punching people dead “not because they are hoping to hurt somebody, [but] it’s more about risk taking, and new, different and exciting ways of getting into trouble.” Dr. Joel Fein of the Philadelphia Collaborative Violence Prevention Center speaks with near-reverence of the “significant inner rage a lot of these children are expressing.” A spokesman for the John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s Research and Evaluation Center suggests that despite what your eyes tell you, it would be a mistake to see this phenomenon “through the lens of race” and that anyone who views the phenomenon thusly is expressing their own misguided fears and inadequacies. “The root of this Knockout Game,” opines James Clark of Better Family Life in St. Louis, “is the lack of recreational opportunities and neighborhood-based programs for our young people.”

Even little Phoebe Connolly in Washington, DC, who was punched by a black teen that came up to her and said “KA-POW!” before bloodying her nose as his friends laughed, says it only demonstrates “why we need to better support our youth with activities and youth programs…it’s great to see teenagers do incredible things when they’re supported and empowered.”

Seems to me as if they’re plenty empowered. Hell, they might suffer from a surfeit of empowerment.

Even Al Sharpton isn’t as blind as these white enablers and ethnomasochists. He calls the Knockout Game “insane thuggery” and concedes that “We would not be silent if it was the other way around.” Black Atlanta radio host T. J. Sotomayor recorded a 16-minute video where he says white people should counter the Knockout Game with one called Shootout Game.

But it seems this only became a national story when Jewish leaders spoke up and demanded action after a string of attacks in Brooklyn that left multiple Jewish victims. In some cases the victims were Hasidim and thus obviously Jewish, but in others, such as the attack on a 78-year-old woman, it strains belief to think that roving packs of dumb-as-a-stump black teens looking for blood would be able to tell a 78-year-old Jewess from a 78-year-old shiksa. The attackers may not have been able to distinguish one light-skinned person from another. We may all look the same to them—pale, easy targets.

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, Rabbi Yaacov Behrman of the Jewish Future Alliance, and Evan Bernstein of the ADL sprung into action, petitioning everyone from NYC’s Police Commissioner to President Obama to what I will gently suggest is a sympathetic media to publicize and rectify this horrifying trend that had Brooklyn’s Jewish community on edge. In no time at all, an alleged assailant was being charged with a hate crime. These scrappy Tribesmen may not have fought back with their fists, but they used every other available blunt instrument to finally make this a national story. Non-Jewish whites could learn a lesson from such tenacious group solidarity.

Failing that, they could take a tip from the unnamed 40-year-old white man in Michigan who turned the tables on 17-year-old Marvell Weaver and planted two .40-caliber bullets in his ass. Street animals are less likely to pounce on those who haven’t been entirely tamed. But any strategy, whether pursued in the courts or on the streets, would be better than taking it on the chin.

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