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Happy Holidays?

December 25, 2011


Peace and a generous spirit are qualities we should all seek, particularly now when emotions are running high. Give a gift, write a card, send a cookie. Offer a smile to your unpleasant neighbor or hold your temper when the service is terrible and you are forced to wait. Better yet, when your relative says something infuriating and idiotic, smile and say OK. If that’s too much to manage, invite a lonely bore to dinner or give a compliment where a compliment is almost due. Make something. Save something. Do something that takes you out of your comfort zone. Lend a hand. Go to church. Find your patience. Do whatever it is you might not normally do for someone else’s benefit and not necessarily your own. 

Perhaps this means giving Hanukkah and Kwanzaa equal billing. So be it. Happy Holidays to you and Merry Christmas to us!

But it’s not over yet…there is that damned New Year only a few days ahead, and it will bring out as many curmudgeons as Christmas. Find a humorous way to indulge one of them. Maybe a plastic cockroach in their bed or a fake turd in their shoe. If nothing will put a smile on their face, tuck them in, kiss them goodnight, and have fun with someone new. If what they say is true, the end is near and you have nothing to lose, anyway.


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