Give Me a Feisty Newt Over a Limp Mitt

February 03, 2012

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Give Me a Feisty Newt Over a Limp Mitt

So the primary season is winding down, which is an absurdity since it barely got wound up. The moneymen decide early on who will best serve their interests, and they pay the media people well to make sure the chosen one is the sole “viable candidate.”

Clearly I was a Ron Paul man, but I labored under no delusions he had a chance to get nominated. Even in the Internet age, there is still no way of overcoming the media when it is unified against you. Most people (especially the older ones doing the voting) still get their news from television. When the message being broadcast is that a candidate is: a) crazy; b) a racist; c) wants to surrender military power; d) all of the above, it is an insurmountable obstacle. At least for now.

I can’t honestly say I wanted Paul to win. Oh, for myself and anyone who cares about the Western world it would have been nice. But had he been victorious there would have shortly thereafter been an auto accident or heart attack. Only those who aren’t paying attention don’t know what happens to successful populists in this country, whether they be conservatives or liberalizers.

As for Rick Santorum, who would vote nationally for a man incapable of winning his own state? When the people that know you best decide you’re a loser by a margin of nearly 18%, it’s reasonable for everyone else to wonder what you did back home to set them to pitchforks.

“We already had an election where the Republican nominee failed to perform. Obama won that one.”

Beyond this is the man’s inveterate smugness. He always seems to think the last words out of his mouth were the most clever thing said by anyone, ever. Lawyers frequently exhibit this trait, which is why I avoid them. Think of being locked in a room full of self-satisfied Rick Santorums (Santora?) making feeble remarks while casting wry smiles. One would almost prefer a community organizer to a practicing attorney in the White House.

This leaves the contest where it has probably always been—a choice of two careerists who between them have more conflicting opinions on issues than dollar bills in their bank accounts.

Gingrich was all but a statistical anomaly for most of this process. Now he is in second place. Largely his resuscitation is the result of fantastic debate performances and casino cash.

His surge has sent the true moneymen (as opposed to quixotic gamblers) into overdrive to derail his candidacy. To some extent this is working, but although Romney has the upper hand, any true gaming man knows the lead horse in the third turn may not win the race.

Gingrich is a wild card. He has held almost every opinion in the spectrum on almost every issue at one time or another. He makes compelling cases, if he would only commit to the correct ones. I have always viewed Newt as a man willing to say whatever was needed to get wherever he needed to be. This can be either dangerous or beneficial. Many of those we consider great presidents have done the same.

Which leaves Romney, whom many of us would very much like to see leave the field. His supporters include former Senator Bob Dole and former American John McCain, thereby ensuring Mitt has the failed-Republican-presidential-candidate bloc all sewn up.

Given his ardent support of Romney, one cannot pass over the traitor McCain too lightly. This treasonous man is the Sonny Liston of candidates. He took a dive last cycle and appears to be cheering for Mitt to do likewise.

McCain apologizes for plagiarists, only discovered the Mexican border after his crushing defeat, and seems to think living through an experience makes one a hero. It doesn’t. It only makes you a survivor. And that presumes Johnny Boy’s version of events is true, an account many who served in the same Vietnam prisons dispute vociferously.

All not to mention McCain’s betrayal of other servicemen who we knew (and he knew more than anyone else) were yet alive and being held as late as the early 1990s. McCain the Betrayer did nothing for those men. Nothing positive, anyway. Along with another failed presidential candidate John Kerry, McCain did everything in his considerable power to ensure those poor devils were abandoned to suffer and die forgotten in fetid jungles. So when McCain endorses someone, I know that candidate is as scummy as McCain.

Romney also has steely eyes, which I have never liked. Don’t glower at me, Mitt—shout at me. Hit me, even. But be a man about it.

Romney says he thinks Gingrich should be “sent to the moon” because of his proposal for a lunar base. Mitt evidently believes those billions should instead be poured into the savage sieves which are Detroit, Camden, Oakland, or East St. Louis.

Romney’s main problem as a candidate is his evident disdain for the vast swaths of the public he sees as lacking erudition. Do you think the technological advances of interplanetary endeavor outweigh the benefits of trying to “close the education gap,” empower the youths, or welcome the dead weight of anti-civilization? Well, you are obviously a moron. Mitt cannot simply disagree with you or argue his position; he must ridicule you.

He’s ridiculed Ron Paul numerous times. In more than one debate when Paul began making the points that personal liberties are imperiled and it was possibly none of America’s business which despot ruled the Middle East’s various dyspeptic regimes, our Romney made sure to give a big eye-roll to the audience. Mitt’s demeanor has been that Ron Paul is a senile old man we need to humor because he isn’t even worth debating. If you support Ron Paul (or merely some of the things he advocates) you aren’t simply wrong; you are stupid and crazy.

If for no other reason, I will throw all my support behind Gingrich. He may be wrong on many things. We may not be able to trust him on even the ones where he is correct. Yet he will take the fight to Obama. We already had an election where the Republican nominee failed to perform. Obama won that one. Given the choice of a limp Mitt who might win and a feisty Newt who won’t, I’ll take the latter.

(A note to Newt: Next debate when Mitt says he isn’t ashamed of making money your response is, “No one should be ashamed of making money, governor, but anyone patriotic would be ashamed of making it by destroying American businesses and putting American citizens out of work.” It’s not wholly accurate, but when have debates ever been about accuracy?)

We all know Gingrich isn’t perfect, but after McCain we ought to know it’s better to go down swinging.

Given the paucity of honesty, integrity, intelligence, and honor among leading Republicans, the American people will be far better off with a weakened but reigning Obama than a triumphant plutocracy.


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