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Deserve’s Got Nothin’ to Do With It, Precious

May 08, 2018

The fact that pseudo-journalists like The Washington Post’s Allison Klein and Yahoo News’ Elise Solé withheld from their readers the facts about Phillips’ self-proclaimed pettiness and extremism, and her previous public skirmishes and phony rape claims, is incompetence at best and journalistic malpractice at worst. But we all know the press covers for leftist ideologues like Phillips all the time (I’m certain that if these hacks had found evidence that the white passenger was right-of-center, they’d have published it). The problem is, these days, any one of us can run into an Amber Phillips at any time…taking a flight, taking a train, on a bus, in a supermarket, or (most likely, in her case) at an all-you-can-eat rib joint. At any moment, we may find ourselves side by side with a monster who is sizing us up—our mannerisms, our hair, our idle banter—just looking for an excuse to strike, to declare us a threat to their existence. Worst-case scenario is, we meet an Elliot Rodger and get a bullet in the face. Best case is, we meet an Amber Phillips and get publicly humiliated.

These microaggression sleuths walk among us, in increasing numbers, and with growing confidence.

And here’s the ultimate irony: It is they who are an existential threat to us. Elliot Rodger, in “defending himself” against nonexistent threats, ended up becoming an actual threat to damn near the entire community of Isla Vista, and he literally ended the existence of six innocent human beings. And Amber Phillips, though not a murderous criminal like Rodger, has nevertheless falsely accused people of being rapists, and she’s tried to rally an online lynch mob against a white woman who “threatened” her by flipping her hair and buckling her seat belt. We are the ones who need protection from the perpetually “threatened.” And to an extent, we have it. The Second Amendment can protect us from murderers like Rodger, and the First Amendment can offer protection against a public shamer like Phillips.

Which is why the left is working so hard to remove both of those safeguards.

Think of it like this. If this were Western or Northern Europe (or Europe’s pathetic, inconsequential afterbirth, Canada), Amber Phillips could have had that white woman arrested or brought before a “human rights tribunal” for offending her with those imaginary microaggressions. The facts wouldn’t matter…the truth wouldn’t matter. All that would matter is that the plaintiff’s skin is darker than the defendant’s. Look at Amber Phillips, and now imagine her in charge, with the backing of not just a corrupt, compliant press, but a bureaucracy of “hate speech” and “human rights” courts and tribunals, and a police force that excuses crimes by nonwhites while punishing whites for giving minor or unintentional offense to people of color.

This is the worst possible future for this nation. Amber Phillips is the poster porker for why we have to resist the left’s fanatical determination to make the U.S. more “European.” Because at the end of the day, that’s where the actual existential threat lies.

I would never say that I “deserve to exist.” I don’t think anyone “deserves” to exist. When we’re born into this world, “deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.” But we all have the right to fight for our continued existence—and freedom—once we’re here. Which is why there is no more important fight right now than the battle against the social justice leftists who would further empower the microaggression predators and leave us at their mercy.

Because power is the one thing that people like Amber Phillips absolutely do not deserve.

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