April 13, 2017

I recently heard Capt. Roger Hill on Breitbart Radio talking about his new book, Dog Company: A True Story of American Soldiers Abandoned by Their High Command. He talked about stories in the AP that described “an American Ranger being attacked” and purposely leaving out the part where the soldier was stripped naked, dismembered, and left with a giant hole in his chest where they literally tore his heart out. Later, it was discovered these disgusting animals were selling our boy’s fingers in the market as war trophies. “Most of the world are savages,” as Coulter says. They don’t appreciate justice and democracy. They appreciate swift and overwhelming violence. We don’t want them to like us. We want them to be scared of us. The only way we are ever going to live peacefully on the same planet as Islam is for the sentence “The Americans are coming” to incite hair-whitening fear.

Jared Kushner is backed by George Soros. The prodigal son-in-law is a poison that is infecting this administration and I blame him for losing Mike Flynn and getting Bannon ousted from the National Security Council. The attack in Syria has made him and Soros very confident they are taking over the White House. Hubris makes you vulnerable and all the globalists who see this as a win are going to get hit with an ear-shatteringly loud slap when they realize this wasn’t the beginning but the end. If you thought the Democrats were sore losers, wait’ll you see this imminent neocon meltdown. In Soros’ case, it could lead to losing a fortune. He suffered a “major loss” betting against Brexit and “nearly $1 billion” when he assumed Trump would lose.

So take a chill pill, Deplorables. Trump just played 4-D chess on five different boards and won every game.

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