The Untold Story

California Brownout

January 30, 2018

Though things have quieted down, law enforcement statistics show that the trouble was the worst hate spree in Los Angeles County—more than three dozen incidents, including two other murders. Yet we’ve heard more about the murder of the black man dragged behind a truck in Texas and the killing of a gay man tied to a fence in Wyoming.

In his final paragraphs, Gurza pulled no punches:

Latinos must face up to the harsh truth we have been keeping as our dirty family secret. As a group, we are deeply, virulently racist. Even as we ask white society to treat us as equals, we look down on other ethnic groups around us. We even treat our own children differently, depending on whether they turn out gueritos or prietitos—fair-skinned like the Spaniards or with dark complexions like the Indians…. I’ve known Mexican parents willing to disinherit their sons and daughters over interracial relationships.

I’d argue that the racist ramblings of a teenage dimwit in Elk Grove shouldn’t have been a news story in the first place. But since it became one, why not use it to fight the bigotry described by Gurza? Well, here’s why. In the case of nonblack social justice warriors, it’s usually about hating whites rather than helping black people. Frankly, I know my share of L.A. white, Asian, and Hispanic leftists who don’t care very much for blacks at all. Fighting antiblack racism in the Hispanic community doesn’t hurt whites, so why do it? To help blacks? Please. I don’t think that’s even remotely on the agenda. And blacks are finally starting to understand this, which is why lately they’ve been turning against so many supposed “allies” (LGBTs, white feminists, white male leftists). Deep down, I think many black Americans sense that even some of their “friends” don’t really like them.

That’s gotta suck. And every time some antiblack incident, be it a lynching or merely some moron child’s Snapchat rant, is ignored by the media (i.e., the left) unless the story can be spun to slam whites, it only reinforces that paranoia and increases the rage.

Blacks make up a mere 11% of the population of Elk Grove (the rest of the city breaks down as white non-Hispanic: 38%; Asian: 26%; Hispanic: 18%). I honestly do believe it’s possible that the black students at Pleasant Grove High walk around feeling unwanted and unliked…and maybe they have good reason to feel that way; maybe they’re responding to genuine hostility. But I’d wager that this hostility doesn’t just come from the town’s whites, as Desirae Fernandez so aptly proved.

Charlatans like Anita Chabria will do all they can to bury the bigger picture and make it all about white vs. black. But in time, the bigger picture will come out. Soon enough, the media clowns who always lecture the rest of us about how we have to “admit and acknowledge racism” will finally be forced to actually admit and acknowledge racism.

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