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Brooklyn Diverse? Fuggedaboudit

September 09, 2010

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Brooklyn Diverse? Fuggedaboudit

When people say “diversity is our strength” they must be talking about car insurance pamphlets because that’s about the only place I see different races chilling out. They may be Photoshopped together from multicultural clip art but they are partying. Nobody can deny that. You also see a lot of diversity in British television shows for kids, cartoons, and funk bands from Brazil. However, almost every time they try it out in the real world, the general consensus appears to be “no thanks.” Take Florida, jail, and Brooklyn for example.

The now virtually defunct Desegregation Busing laws of the 70s and 80s were a great example of educrats wanting to look righteous while totally ignoring what makes sense for their students. They never tried it themselves because the only thing a Democrat finds more abhorrent than segregation is sending their kid to a black school. Unlike these fake Freedom Riders, I know some of the guinea pigs forced to participate in this failed experiment. One of them grew up poor and spent his entire junior high and high school career being bused away from the white high school next to his house in Tampa, and across town to a black one that didn’t want him there. Every lunch was about bullies putting their fingers into his donut and sarcastically asking, “Is this yours?” until he was forced to give it up (with or without a fight). At 40 he still speaks in Ebonics and says things like, “Can I aks you something?” and “Who wants a apple?” He also walks with a strange, pimp gait he is totally unaware of. When I beg him to give me an example of one good thing to come of all this he says, “Well, I did learn to fight.” Great. Diversity is our strength because that which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Now, nobody’s saying he shouldn’t have been allowed to go to that school if he wanted to. If someone had told me it was illegal to marry my squaw wife I’d have put my boot so far up his ass, he’d have shoelaces in his hair. When it comes to segregation, coercion is wrong in either direction. The problems arise when bureaucrats are so convinced it’s unnatural to hang out with your own, they force you to do otherwise, then they add insult to injury by taxing you for it.

“When the upper crust tells us we need to fraternize with the people who create all the amazing meals they eat, they neglect to consider the possibility these colorful people don’t want us there.”

How much the federal government spends enforcing diversity is a pain in the ass to quantify. Edward Rubenstein of the National Policy Institute estimates the cost at about one trillion annually. This isn’t surprising. Every rock you peek under reveals a writhing mass of insatiable parasites. I’ve pointed out before how my brother’s alma mater is responsible for over a million dollars of donations to their school’s various diversity programs. Then there’s Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) who recently introduced legislation to use stimulus dollars to promote diversity in golf. There’s also the multi million-dollar conference in 2006 where the Social Security Administration learned about multiculturalism at a beautiful spa retreat that included saunas, pools, nature hikes, and obviously, a juggling stilt walker. And I just pulled those out of my Google ass. The list goes on for days and the costs are endless. How do you calculate the stimulus dollars wasted dealing with the minority contractors debacle, for example? Right now millions of government employees are using your money to figure out ways to enforce the belief that being with your own is unnatural. Despite this push, people are doing what comes naturally to them and hanging out with their own. It happens everywhere you look.

Ever been to jail? A fellow writer named Tad spent two years at Oregon State Penitentiary and was shocked to see how to-a-man voluntary segregation was practiced. Blacks, Hispanics, and whites voluntarily divided themselves by race without exception and spent all of their time together. Sure you’d occasionally play a game of cards with another group but everyone knew it was a temporary foray and things would be back to normal after Mohammed said “gin.” (It’s worth noting that despite often being called a racist by wealthy liberals, Tad’s family is the one of the very few whites one in his all-black area of working class Atlanta.)

Brooklyn is exactly the same as prison. Everyone has their designated areas and what’s more, they like it that way. Greenpoint is Polish and Bensonhurst is Italian. South Williamsburg is all Puerto Rican except for one street dominated by Dominicans. That may sound like a big meringue party to you but that’s not sangria you see on the sidewalk, it’s blood. Dominican gangs literally use machetes to carve out a niche as a minority in their own neighborhood.

Several of my friends have scoffed at this trend and traded their own yuppie hipster Williamsburg for Bushwick, an area of Brooklyn struggling to remain 100% black. Guess what. It doesn’t go well. When phenomenally naïve Canadian immigrant and long time drinking buddy Dan Morrison picked up the paper and saw $650 a month for rent, he jumped on the subway and headed over. He got off the train, paper in hand, and almost immediately, a woman in a phone booth interrupted her conversation, poked her head out, and yelled, “Oh I KNOW you ain’t moving to THIS neighborhood.” His two-block walk was littered with dubious glares and when he eventually got to the “For Rent” sign, a loiterer on the stoop cut all the pretense and bluntly stated, “Don’t move here.” Dan did an about-face and got back on the train.

I make him tell this story regularly and every time he does, someone pipes in with another Bushwick tale of segregation. My favorite being the young white woman who stood in line at the Bodega as locals screamed, “What are you doing here? You don’t belong here” in her face. Nobody stopped this public yelling match because they all agreed. After a brave front, she burst into tears and ran home. This happened regularly, whether she was walking down the street or waiting for a bus. Needless to say,  she doesn’t live in Bushwick anymore.

When the upper crust tells us we need to fraternize with the people who create all the amazing meals they eat, they neglect to consider the possibility these colorful people don’t want us there. They’ve also never considered the possibility many tried it and it didn’t work.

The white equivalent to Bushwick’s dogmatic monoculture is Breezy Point. This small peninsula in Queens was a blue-collar version of the Hamptons in the 50s. Cops and firemen would summer on the huge beach that overlooks Sheepshead Bay and drink at the one bar the area provided. When Brooklyn ceased to be predominantly white, everyone held it up as a perfect example of New York’s diverse culture. What they didn’t know was thousands of blue collars were quietly saying, “screw your melting pot” and turning their summer homes into permanent residences. Today the area’s 5,000 inhabitants are all white and they’ve even installed a guard booth checking everyone who comes into the community’s one entrance. Nobody gets in without a pass. When former Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik was staying there a few years ago some black detectives in suits who were there to pick him up were stopped at the entrance. They were furious about being prevented from entering a public place and even threatened to arrest the guard. He refused to budge and eventually Kerik was forced to have someone fill out the pass paperwork to let the detectives through.

If you’d like to move there, you better have three residents as sponsors and be prepared to go through several other bizarre hoops like 50% cash down through their choice of bank. In other words, if you ain’t a cop or a good friend of a cop, you ain’t gettin’ in. Nicknamed Boozy Point or The Irish Riviera, this strange Copland is unknown to most New Yorkers and experiences zero crime for the privilege. There have recently been some Russians sneaking over to the beach by walking along the shoreline but this community is just as much about culture as it is about race and the local police (whose only uniform is a polo shirt) quickly root out the Ruskies after spotting those ridiculous Speedos.

Rumor has it, Breezy Point did have one black resident. He was a doctor who had been adopted by white parents as a child. He was well liked at Breezy but he “don’t come around no more” as the locals say. When asked why I was told, “dunno, he probably felt weird.”

I can just feel the New York Times liberals recoil in horror at the thought of this all-white community with a gate even though many of these same liberals live in gated communities that just so happen to be all white (or all-white apartment complexes with a doorman behind a gate). Why are they chastising the poor for living exactly the same way the rich live? In short, because they love to chastise. This is more than a curious paradox. It’s the key to the whole Big Lie. Diversity mongering isn’t about race or culture. It’s about class. Like all things politically correct, it’s just another example of the upper middle class telling the working class how barbaric they are. The problem with this patronizing attitude is, the working class did it. They’ve tried multiculturalism out in all its forms. The liberal idea of diversity on the other hand, is restricted to variety in restaurants and the odd Bob Marley record. This is ironic because they’re the only areas you don’t need tax dollars to promote. A diversity of restaurants sells itself and no bureaucrat needs to bus anyone to a reggae concert. The multiculturalists want Archie Bunker to live in Harlem not because they want to see more people of different backgrounds living in harmony. They just like calling Arch a brute and making him squirm. Not to get all Freudian on your ass but I think it’s because the working class reminds Boomer Democrats of the grumpy father who never took their accomplishments seriously. Shit, now I’m starting to sound like one of them.

Bill Hicks once said we shouldn’t feel bad if someone on LSD dies after thinking they could fly and jumping off a building. “Big deal” he tells us, “We just lost another moron.” Bill’s rational is simple, “Why didn’t he try it out on the ground first?” I would like to say the same to the Lefties and their government lackeys who insist the rest of us buy Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors” and wear it everywhere we go. If you like it so much, why don’t you try it?

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