Blame it on Cain

November 09, 2011

If “zit-face Zohan” asks a woman at work if she wants to have a drink after work, he’s a sexual deviant. But if a Brad Pitt look-alike corners the same woman in the conference room with his manhood exposed and asks the woman out for (wink) a drink, she swoons and tells the whole office how dreamy and intuitive the guy is.

I know this is a stretch, but is it possible that these women wanted to take advantage of a wealthy, powerful man?

What do we know about these women? Nothing. They haven’t been Joe-the-Plumbered and had their lives put under a microscope.

Sharon Bialek, the latest entrant in the Cain Lottery, alleges that he harassed her when she asked him to help her get a job and he requested a different kind of “job” from her as a favor. We can believe her because (1) she hired Gloria Allred as her attorney, and (2) she read her statement just the way Allred wrote it.

Bialek seems to have trouble keeping—and now getting—jobs. That’s unusual for an attractive white woman. She was fired from the National Restaurant Association and nobody wants her now. Bialek’s biggest issue may come when people follow the money.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

Records show she twice has filed for personal bankruptcy, first in 1991 and then again in 2001. In the latter case, she claimed $5,700 in assets and more than $36,000 in liabilities….The IRS filed a tax lien against her in 2009 for nearly $5,200.

Given Bialek’s pattern of filing for bankruptcy every ten years, it looks like she was about due.

Yet another issue is the “coincidence” that Bialek lives in the same building as Obama operative David Axelrod. Asked if she ever sees Axelrod, Bialek said that she sometimes sees him in the gym.

But the Dems may not be the only help Bialek is getting. Karl Rove had the nerve to say that Gloria Allred’s representation adds “credibility” to Bialek’s case, proving that Rove is an equal-opportunity bigot. He will destroy beautiful conservative women and competent conservative black men without discriminating.

Nice touch by the left to attempt to paint Cain as a “seeker of white women,” too. Surely Cain couldn’t resist the black man’s kryptonite? I’m convinced now more than ever that they are afraid of Cain. The left can’t allow those freedmen tainting the black gene pool with sanity.

As in days gone by, leftists say let the lynching begin. No candlelight vigils, however. Don’t expect the left’s usual white-guilt crowd to beg the sheriff into letting this Negro go. Blame it on Cain. Liberals barely glance at the black conservative hanging in the courthouse square. Nothing new to see here.


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