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Anders Breivik: Too Sane for Comfort

April 25, 2012

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Anders Breivik: Too Sane for Comfort

My brother has just been to stay with me in Italy. He may be a top London lawyer, but he is a mixed-up liberal lefty. He has lots of rich Muslim clients—a mere coincidence, no doubt.

“Muslims make no distinction between church and state. The church is the state,” I told him. “That’s OK, is it? I mean, in London, in 2012? They’ve even got Sharia courts now, I hear.”

I suggested that one fine day in London the punishment for homosexuality, adultery, and apostasy might become death by stoning.

So he said: “You wouldn’t be able to say what you’re saying in London. You’d be arrested for incitement.”

“Not even in private at a dinner like this?”

“You wouldn’t be invited.”

“So four wives is fine, is it?”

“They need the permission of the other wives.”

Anders Breivik, 33, has finished his time in the witness box. He is on trial in Oslo for slaughtering 77 Norwegians one day last July.

“I am not alone in my insane and evil right-wing racist extremist thoughts. I reckon that most Europeans think exactly the same way as me.”

I condemn what he did, his lack of remorse, and his defense. He said the massacre was necessary—therefore justifiable—as a preemptive strike done “out of goodness, not evil” to defend Norway from Islam. He compared his actions to when America dropped atomic bombs on Japan in 1945. He said he chose Norwegian left-wingers as victims because they, not Muslim immigrants, are to blame for “deconstructing” Norway. He said his aim was to create “an al-Qaeda for Christian Nationalists in Europe,” and he had fully expected to be shot at the scene.

He insists that he is sane. I believe him.

Nearly every time I read something Breivik has said about Europe’s “Islamification” being enabled by the Euro left’s ideology of multiculturalism I find myself thinking: “He’s right.”

This defines me instantly as a “right-wing racist extremist” and therefore both “insane” and “evil.”

I am not alone in my insane and evil right-wing racist extremist thoughts. I reckon that most Europeans think exactly the same way as me. It is merely that they are too afraid, or not allowed, to say so. But I am also certain that neither I nor the majority in Europe are right-wing racist extremists, nor are we insane or evil.

We are simply normal. It’s multiculturalism that is abnormal. And this explains the record vote (17.9%) for the “far” right Front National candidate Marine Le Pen in the French presidential elections. She wants to defend France as well. So au revoir multiculturalism, mass immigration, and the euro.

I do not mind immigrants in the slightest. I am an immigrant. I’m British and live in Italy. Che Dio mi salvi! The Italians tolerate me (easy) and I tolerate them (not so easy). But me and the Italians muck along together more or less OK.

But I mind immigrants when their culture aims to destroy mine. Islam is just such a culture. It is enough to look at the Muslim view on women, gays, and Jews to understand that. I seem to recall that like the Muslims, the Nazis were not all that keen on the Jews. Nor were the communists, though the left has always tried to bury the fact.

Like other normal Europeans, what bothers me are immigrants from a culture that clashes head-on with mine who refuse to adapt. Multiculturalism, the dominant ideology for decades, not only permits this; it positively promotes it.

This alliance between the Euro left and Islam is bizarre: How can people who are so in favor of promoting the rights of gays and of women and of free speech leap into bed with people who are so against it?

It reminds me of another unholy alliance, the one between Hitler’s Nazis and Stalin’s communists at World War II’s onset. They were united—between August 1939 and June 1941 at least—by their common enemy, capitalist imperialism.

Here the multiculturalists speak with forked tongue. On the one hand, they say: “No, Islam poses no threat to our culture and you’re just being paranoid.” But on the other hand, they say: “Yes, Islam does pose a threat but we, too, want to overthrow our own culture, so it’s great, innit?”

The Euro left loves to explain Islamic terrorism as an understandable, even justifiable, product of Islamic-world poverty that “the West” presumably caused.

In other words, Allah’s will does not come into the equation and the West had it coming and so yes, actually, it deserves Islamic terrorism.

Yet no one is even allowed to use similar arguments in regard to those sacred left-wing cows—mass immigration and multiculturalism—to explain Breivik’s actions.

Italian journalist and author Oriana Fallaci wrote a trilogy of best-sellers after 9/11 whose impassioned thesis was that Europe is destined to become Eurabia thanks to its rampant multiculturalism and its suicidally low birth rate. Europe has neither the will nor the means to defend itself.

So within a couple of generations there will be more Muslim Europeans than non-Muslim Europeans. The Muslims are not exactly famed for taking a multiculturalist approach to non-Muslim minorities, are they?

Naturally, la Fallaci was shouted down as a right-wing racist extremist by the PC cultural commissars and threatened with death by Muslim groups. She was never invited to the right (i.e., left-wing) dinner parties. Not that she would have wanted to go. But those three books sold millions of copies.

Breivik said the same things as Fallaci during his trial.


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