Affirmative Reaction

March 17, 2017

Unlike “college scholarships for minorities,” however, there are no “good intention(s)” here. This is strictly a virtue-signaling front for what is actually just an exploitation racket. In the end, everyone inside and outside the border wall, save for the few old PC authoritarians with an agenda, loses.

On a recent episode of their Scriptnotes podcast (the aptly titled “They Won’t Even Read You”), establishment screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin read the following letter from “Anonymous”:

I’m an aspiring writer in Los Angeles and I’ve been trying to land a TV writing assistant job. These are actual quotes I’ve been getting. “We love your résumé and you’d be a great fit for this job, but the higher-ups told us we have to hire a girl.” Or, “It’s going to be extremely hard for you as a white male to get into a writers’ room.” Additionally, there are competitions or fellowships that are not advertised as diversity programs, but every year the winners will be…female, African-American, [or] ex-Marine. Let’s say there were twenty winners, there might be one or two white people…. However, it is statistically impossible for so few white people to win in competitions where race supposedly doesn’t matter.

August responds:

Look for the next thing…that may be the next industry, the next wave, the next thing that is just looking for great writers and hasn’t even really kind of thought about sort of how to diversify it.

Even though this is the exact kind of intersectionalvictim ideology trumping aesthetics” cultural Marxist drivel that helped seal both 2016’s presidential-election loss for Hillary Clinton and a lackluster box office for the West Coast propaganda arm of the DNC (AMC Entertainment blamed “weak films” for its poor annual earnings, and Hollywood has ignored countless warnings that its reliance on international markets and alienation of domestic audiences cannot drive growth), the Democrat Media Complex continues to double down on what has long been its cultural-jihad modus operandi. It’s hardly a coincidence that movie-studio profits face record-breaking punishment just as the Democratic Party finds itself in its worst shape in nearly a century.

I guess the useful idiots have outlasted their usefulness.

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