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A Hot Month for Clinton’s Body Count

August 15, 2016

It seems too evil to be true, but as self-professed hitman for the Clintons Larry Nichols said, “The Clintons are bad people and I did bad things for them.” This is the part of the article where I make it clear I am happily married with many lucrative gigs I enjoy and a family I adore. As Roger Stone put it, “If I commit suicide, investigate Hillary.”

The list goes on and on. From the year Bill began running for office until this month we have: Ron Brown, C. Victor Raiser II, Paul Tully, Ed Willey, Jerry Parks, James Bunch, James Wilson, Kathy Ferguson, Bill Shelton, Gandy Baugh, Florence Martin, Danny Casolaro, Paul Wilcher, Jon Parnell Walker, Barbara Wise, Charles Meissner, Dr. Stanley Heard, Barry Seal, Johnny Lawhorn Jr., Stanley Huggins, Herschel Friday, Kevin Ives, and Don Henry—to name maybe half the names floating around.

Seem ridiculous? Okay, grab one from the list and look it up yourself. The links you get won’t be mainstream, but that’s because the mainstream isn’t touching it. How about Paul Tully? He worked obsessively on Bill’s campaign for president in 1992 and was intimately involved with what went on behind the scenes. He was found dead in his hotel room a few months after Paula Grober was killed. Did he know too much about the Grober death? We don’t know, but we do know 48-year-olds rarely drop dead in hotel rooms.

It makes one wonder, where is the Obama death toll? We know his brother in Africa isn’t doing well, but at least the guy’s alive. Maybe there is no Obama kill list. None of his bodyguards have disappeared and nobody investigating him has vanished (though Dinesh D’Souza did have to spend eight months in prison for embarrassing him).

The same goes for Trump. The DNC would love some death controversy to float around The Donald, but there simply isn’t any. All his bodyguards and staffers remain intact. In fact, it’s very rare for dead bodies to pile up around any public figure who isn’t Pablo Escobar. You know where Donald Trump’s chef is right now? In his kitchen, making a sandwich. The Clintons’ chef is dead. He vanished after going on a hike in June of last year and was eventually found drowned at the bottom of a river. Chefs know a lot about the people they cook for. Sometimes too much.

On Aug. 1 of this year, author Victor Thorn was found with a gunshot to the back of his head on a hiking trip. It was deemed suicide. He had just released the book Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House. This brings us up to Aug. 4 of this year, three days after Thorn got shot on a mountaintop. Shawn Lucas was found dead on his bathroom floor just like Paul Tully. Lucas was a process server who proudly served Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC with subpoenas accusing them of putting Hillary over Bernie in the primaries instead of remaining neutral. It was on July 4 weekend, and on camera he declared it “The most gratifying thing I’ve ever done.” The video got over 420K hits and was incredibly embarrassing for the Hillary campaign. Within a month, Shawn was dead.

I imagine her hearing about the death and getting pissed. She never vocalizes things, but when her henchman walks into her office and says, “We took care of that thing,” she scowls at him and breaks a pencil.

She didn’t kill Monica because of a tape and this guy has a video with almost half a million views. The henchman is confused by her anger until he sees YouTube and realizes he screwed up. “I’m sorry,” he says. “I didn’t know.”

Hillary understands. In a way she’s mad at herself for letting the murder happen. She didn’t command it, but her gestures had made it clear to the right people what had to be done. To criticize him wouldn’t make sense and she’s going to need him a lot more in the coming months. Besides, what if he blabs like Larry Nichols did? After looking out the window, Hillary sighs and turns back to her friend. “It’s all right,” she says with that weird cartoon smile. “I mean, at this point, what difference does it make?”

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