Advertising on Taki’s Magazine

Taki’s Magazine is an online magazine of politics and culture. We believe political labels such as conservative and liberal are outdated. We are against mirages such as the “world democratic revolution” and the junk culture foisted upon us by conventional media outlets.

The Takimag reader is fed up with multiculturalism, the politically correct, and mainstream media sources like Fox News. Our readers support Taki’s Magazine because they know they can expect humorous opinions on serious subjects from informed writers.

65% of Takimag readers are Americans who love their country and hate what has become of it. The remaining 35% of our readers are intellectually sophisticated folks from Canada, England, Germany, South Africa, Australia, and Spain among others.

Advertisers should be aware that our readership is over 130,000 unique visitors per month and growing steadily. Monthly pageviews are in excess of 800,000. Takimag readers are interested in religion, politics and commentary, science, nature, technology, as well as regional and local news.

Ad Specs

728 x 90 @ $1.20 CPM
160 x 600 @ $1.00 CPM
300 x 250 @ $0.80 CPM

-Ad rates are net.
-New advertisers must prepay and spend a minimum of $500.
-Geographic and domain targeting will prompt a 10% premium.


US Demographics

65% Male
35% Female

33% Age 18-34
34% Age 35-49
29% Age 50+

87% Caucasian
4% African American
3% Asian
5% Hispanic

61% No Kids
39% Kids

15% $0-30K
25% $30-60K
30% $60-100K
31% $100K+

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